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What’s In A Name How Using Client’s Names Could Boost Email Marketing Effects

Tailored Outreach

Due to the advancements in technology, small businesses are now able to take advantage of some very economical yet effective marketing techniques. Social media outreach, content marketing, and even paid online marketing campaigns have proven to be way more effective than their conventional counterparts.

Out of them all, email marketing remains perhaps the most effective tool in terms of being budget-friendly while also delivering tremendous results. And when you combine email personalization techniques with this efficacious medium, then the outcome becomes even more amazing in terms of increasing the response rate in your marketing efforts, as well as building overall brand loyalty.

This is because the simple action of using a person’s name while talking to them creates such a personal connection that it remains unsurpassed by any other generic “Hey!” “What’s up?” and even “We miss you!”

Think about it, don’t you feel your mood change to a more positive state when someone calls you by your name?Well, this is because that action plays with your idea of being set apart from the crowd at least in terms of your own individual identity.

All of this is due to the fact that a person’s name remains a profound bond to their own individuality, which can be evoked when you call them by their own name and do not mix them within a crowd. As a result, that person, which in this case is your client, could feel respected enough that they would decide to respect you as a brand, which would have high chances of turning into some actual business for you.

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Personalization means more

It is not only about appeasing the customer in hopes of their whole character profile changing overnight and being a big spender, but it is all done in the name of making them feel valued at your business establishment, and letting them know that you appreciate what they bring to the table to your business relationship. This creates long term brand loyalty, which could come in handy if your customer decides to bring some referrals over to the place that “knows them by their name.”

You know, something like the show “Cheers”.

When you use a person’s name in an email, the idea of the email only being “sent” changes to the email having been “addressed” to them. While this may seem like a play on semantics, when you look at the deeper meaning of this difference, you would be able to understand just how significant its effects could be.

It is similar to being commended at your workplace as part of a team that achieved something important – even if it was you who did the majority of the work. At such times, you couldn’t help from thinking that you should be called out individually and rewarded with some form of specific recognition. That is how it also works with customers. They feel that since they are the ones who are spending their individual money on you, they have the right to be addressed individually at the very least.

That is the power of a name.

That is why, whether is about cultivating new relationships or maintaining older rapport with your clients, using their name in everyday conversation and in special communication such as email marketing would go a long way into achieving your goals of growing and retaining your customer base.

If you think that using a customer’s name has ever helped you in the past in dire situations or just in building long term rapport, then leave a comment below.

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