Washington Post will soon charge for access to its website

The Washington Post will soon launch its “paywall” to get access to its website and mobile Apps. TWP announced this on Wednesday, they will start implementing the pay for content model on several types of readers first and later on to all readers. The monthly fee will be 9,99$ and will also give access to exclusive content if you also wan’t to be able to read The Washington Post on your mobile phone with its Apps you will have to pay a monthly fee of 14,99$ a month.

Paying is however not needed, anyone can read up to 20 articles a month for free, then however they will have to subscribe in order to read new posts.

Many newspapers have introduced the paywall model such as The New york Times which charges 15$ for its website and apps and in order to have access to all content, the monthly fee will be 35$. The new york times has over 676.000 subscribers which is 5.6% of its total monthly readers.

Are you willing to pay for content, Would you purchase a subscription to The Washington Post?

Source: Washington Post

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