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VLC coming to the App Store on July 19

The famous VLC media player will be coming to the App Store on July 19 VideoLan confirms to TheNextWeb . VLC is one of the most used media players, currently available on PC, Mac and Android (still in beta). For Windows Phone its still Waiting to get funded.

It is not the first time we see VLC in the app store, back in January 2011 it got pulled out due to it not having the right Public licence, this has been fixed by publishing the App under the MPLv2 (Mozilla Public Licence Version 2).

The app will also support all video files that are currently supported on the Desktop versions and new features have been added to create a better user experience for example by allowing Dropbox integration, streaming over WiFi (Any video on your desktop can be played on your phone), asscode lock, background audio playback and there is now support for subtitles.

The App will be supported on all iOS 5+ devices.

Update: The App is now available for Free on the App Store, you can check it out in the App store 

Source: The Next Web