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Using Templates To Do Better Campaigns, a Useful Premise in Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital promotion strategy that, although it was practically born with the internet, is still more valid than ever. Applying it is relatively simple, however, there are certain aspects that must be fulfilled to achieve the expected results. Taking inspirational templates as a reference is an action that, far from trying to imitate the work of others, is useful to improve our own work.

Email marketing cannot be missing in any business promotional campaign, there is no doubt about that. And despite being the oldest digital strategy in existence, it still represents one of the closest, most direct and effective ways to reach the target audience.

Nowadays, there is a wide diversity of strategies to make brands of any kind. There’s social media, SEO/SEM positioning, content marketing, sales apps and more. But among all this avalanche of innovative trends, email marketing always remains: it’s cost-effective, practical and, if executed correctly, can become a springboard to sales.

Some might consider email marketing to be one of the easiest strategies to develop among all the online advertising resources out there. In part, this belief may have a lot of truth to it, however, it is also true that there are a number of key aspects that need to be followed to really get the results you expect.

Using templates, an excellent recommendation

Among the many recommendations to follow in order to have the expected success with this strategy, one that cannot be left aside is the extraordinary resource of email marketing templates, which are ideal for marketing companies of any level, as they print agility to work and translate into a great saving of time and effort, without sacrificing quality or reducing the good results expected.

Using templates helps to advance much of the work in email marketing, so you have time to concentrate and focus on what matters most in any online advertising strategy: the content.

Another benefit is the agility that email marketing provides to the promotional work, with this you gain something very important: to obtain maximum results, with the least amount of time possible.

Time optimization is another benefit of using pre-designed templates. Digital platforms specialized in email marketing offer the availability of using templates for free, with virtually no difficulty of use and with many design facilities.

With this support, an email marketing campaign can be developed quickly, only a few simple design adjustments are needed, as well as incorporating appropriate text, links, call to action, audiovisual content and more.

Specialized websites provide a wide variety of templates, so it won’t be difficult to find the ideal one that perfectly suits the message you want to convey. In fact, there are templates related to special seasons such as Christmas, Carnival or Halloween.

Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that the structure of the pre-designed templates is always ideal for capturing the attention of potential customers through mass mailings.

The fact that they are templates created by experts from specialized platforms guarantees that they are formatted without errors, which are usually present when messages are created from scratch.

Using Templates To Do Better Campaigns, a Useful Premise in Email Marketing - 1

Other tips to consider

There are several recommendations that should be taken into account when designing an email marketing campaign in general and also when sending mass mailings. It is essential to pay attention to these tips, as they are small details that make a big difference and can even prevent emails from ending up in the spam folder.

One of the most important aspects of a mass mailing is personalization. It is important to remember that there is a good predisposition of the potential client towards the brand, since there is a consent to receive the messages. But in spite of that, if the message comes with the name and fits their tastes and preferences, there is a great deal of ground gained towards the objective: to increase the chances of a sale.

The lead of the mailing, known as the “subject line”, is extremely important. This is the first thing the recipient will see, and it will be the hook that will lead him or her to open the mail and consume the information.

In this sense, it is appropriate to point out that 70% of emails go straight to the spam folder precisely because of this aspect of the subject line. It is recommended that, apart from being personalized, the subject line should be convincing and, in addition, have the appropriate number of words to keep the recipient’s attention.

It is important to remember that almost 80% of emails are read on mobile devices, so the advice is that the subject line should not exceed 50 words, so that it can be read easily.

Studies have been done on subject lines that have determined which words should always be present if the intention is to have a high open rate. Experts are constantly reviewing this.

An eye-catching image is fundamental in the email, as it is part of the impact that the message is intended to have and thus capture the user’s attention.

The pre-header is also important, as well as the body, which is considered the backbone of the email. This is the part that reflects the content that you want to transmit and in which the design that will be developed to make the message attractive to the user is displayed.

The use of calls to action is vital to capture the attention of potential customers. They have the ability to increase clicks by more than 300% and sales by at least 1600%. You can send a spectacular message, with an enveloping text and stunning images, but if you don’t invite the user to do something else, they will just read the text, close the email, and that’s it.

You have to invite them to subscribe, fill in a form, use a new customer discount, visit the brand’s portal or a blog, in short, there are many options.