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Best VPN Deals: Hotspot Shield, IPVanish, ExpressVPN

My friends! The harder task these days is browsing the web safely without getting personal data stolen. For keeping the data safe, most users access the internet by setting up an operating system ‘Live’ that is considered an easy way to save you from hackers and stealers. However, there is a much better option in the form of VPN. It is a smart service that enables your security and privacy to remain intact and lets you browse the web safely.  Enjoy online freedom with this splendid multipurpose technology.

With latest amendments in the technology law by Trump allowing the ISP owners to sell the data has worsened the situation. It calls for a service provider that ensures user’s data is in safe hands.

Another achievement in recent times came from the Mozilla Company, the owners of the Firefox browser that launched a file-sharing product known as Firefox Send. The large files can be sent and uploaded using this tool online without any hassle in a secure environment. This technology is good for people who are concerned about the data security yet VPN is a better option with bolstered safety measures. All of the devices get connected to VPN simultaneously with added protection and safety measures. No matter what internet connection you are using, the VPN will provide a safe environment for your private data in any case.

The VPN services charge in dollars globally, so the rates mentioned here are in dollars for your convenience. Let’s take a look at the best VPN deals of this week are.

Hotspot Shield $47.88 per Year

The best deal this week starts with Hotspot. Enjoy the download boasts and high upload speeds by supporting more than five devices simultaneously. Hotspot caters the need of users by offering streamlined and straightforward services that make being an anonymous online user easy. The vast network of 2,000 servers located in more than 20 countries presents a flawless and epic service to its clients. The seven days free trial is a cherry on top for the new customers.

Best VPN Deals: Hotspot Shield, IPVanish, ExpressVPN - 1

IPVanish $58.49 per Year

The privacy is everything while browsing online and this is ensured by one of the best VPN service provider IPVanish. It keeps no logs and user benefit from total confidentiality. The speed is excellent with P2P traffic and excellent download speed. You can connect up to five devices with IPVanish. The company possesses 700 servers located in more than 600 sites having around 40,000 communal IPs. The hot offer by this company is the 60% off for all new customers if they sign up for the services today.

IVPN $99.96 per Year

Get safe and secure internet by availing the excellent services of IVPN which marks our deal of the weekly chart.  It supports flexibility and allows the clients to use the internet on a number of platforms like Mac, Linux, and Windows. The customers of Linux who wish to utilize this amazing VPN service on a mobile phone may follow the detailed instruction given by the company on the website. What an amazing customer support from the organization! The best feature of IVPN is privacy which it offers to the clients and makes the promise true. The company does not keep any logs of the users. The customers who do not want to show their identity can sign up by providing as minimal personal details as possible. The Bitcoin can also be accepted as payment.

ExpressVPN $99.95 per 15 months

Yes! Here comes the ExpressVPN with splendid offers for its client. You can enjoy up to three device connection with ExpressVPN that possess 1,000 servers located in 136 sites all over the world. You can take benefit of the wide range of platforms supported by the service providers like iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Blackberry and what not. The P2P support is the highlight of ExpressVPN, and the kill switch is another quality trait. It enables your real IP to get revealed in case the service goes down.

Summing it Up!

It does not matter if you are in some coffee shop or the comfort of home, the VPN grant you a hacker-free atmosphere so that you utilize a secure connection in a web environment. You will never lose your data, and it cannot be spied or throttled in any case.  So get your hands on these awesome deals this week.