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Understanding How Casino Bonuses Work 

The overall gambling industry in the 21st Century is absolutely gargantuan, with several different sectors that all bring in an almost unimaginable amount of revenue, especially when compared to the gambling industry at any other time in human history. Sports betting, for example, has tripled in revenue since the 2000s, driven by increased globalisation and access to sport for individuals across the world.

Whilst this sector of the gambling industry has increased massively, it is still nothing compared to that of the casino industry, which is turning over billions of dollars every single year. Now, the casino industry has always been particularly healthy, however, it was the emergence of genuine online casinos like at the start of the 00s that really made the overall casino industry expand at the rate it has done. And there shouldn’t really be any surprise there either, because it made it possible for people to gamble from the comfort of their own homes – how are you supposed to say no to that? 

Moreover, the emergence of online casinos has also resulted in a relatively new gambling feature and its called casino bonuses. You would have to be pretty lucky or eminent to receive any kind of casino bonus from the brick and mortar establishments of the last few centuries, but nowadays casino bonuses are open to pretty much everyone provided you deposit enough cash. But what exactly are casino bonuses?

Well, they can come in various different shapes and sizes, with a set amount of cash usually being the offer available. However, this isn’t the only thing you can receive through a casino bonus, as many online casino sites have started offering things like a number of free spins, or even a percentage of your deposit back at the end of your gambling session. Read ahead to gain a better understanding of how casino bonuses work. 

History of casino bonuses 

So then, what is the history of casino bonuses exactly? Well, as we mentioned before, casino bonuses are a relatively recent phenomenon, with only people like royalty or the incredibly rich and famous ever having access to this before the 21st Century really. And anyway, if you were to receive a casino bonus in a brick and mortar casino it wouldn’t be anything to do with actual money, simply a free drink or meal. 

The casino bonuses that we all know and love today originated at the tail end of the 90s when online casino was first finding their feet. Originally they were intended to entice gamblers to play on a lesser-known platform, however, after a while, it became apparent that people didn’t really need any more of an incentive to gamble online. Nowadays casino bonuses are used by most online casino sites in order to attract gamblers to their website instead of anyone else’s; such is the competitiveness of the industry.

What exactly is a casino bonus? 

A casino bonus can come in many different shapes and sizes as we have already mentioned. Before the emergence of online casino, these bonuses were usually constrained to something like a free drink at the casino bar, however, after online casino sites came about this changed massively. 

Nowadays in the 21st Century casino bonuses usually come in the form of cash-back, something that can be unlocked after you deposit a specific amount with the online casino site. Casino bonuses can also come in the shape of free online slot spins, or even other types of deals – all you have to do is do a little research! 

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How can I access a casino bonus? 

So then, how exactly do you access a casino bonus in the 21st Century? Well, it is actually incredibly simple, all you have to do is find an online casino site offering them (which is pretty much all of them) and then deposit the right amount of money to unlock the bonus. It really is that simple, however, you do have to take care to satisfy all of the necessary requirements or else you may not receive the bonus you are expecting. 

Most of these requirements revolve around a minimum amount you have to deposit, however, there are also some other necessities to look out for too. One of these is your overall gambling spend, in order to combat money launderers online casino sites won’t give you your cash-back until you have actually spent a certain percentage of the money you deposited first. 

Why do casinos even offer bonuses? 

The main reason why online casino sites offer bonuses these days is that the industry is competitive, and each casino wants to attract as many players as it possibly can. The best way to do this is undeniably by offering people things such as cash-back and free spins, hence why online casino bonus offers are so popular in 2020. 

Different types of casino bonus 

There are a variety of different casino bonuses that online casinos offer these days, so let’s take a look at some of them: 

  • Deposit bonus: This is the most commonly found casino bonus, and all relate to the first time you deposit cash with an online casino site. It works like this: you deposit an amount of money, and then the site will give you a certain percentage of your deposit back as a gift.
  • No deposit bonus: These types of bonuses look incredibly appealing on the face of it, however, they are actually very hard to make use of. When a no deposit bonus is offered it means you can basically withdraw free money as a gift from the casino in question. But here’s the catch: in order to withdraw this gift, you will have to have spent quite a lot of money on other bets on the site.
  • Free spin bonus: Alongside the unstoppable rise of online slots has also come to the emergence of free spin casino bonuses. This is where an online casino site gives you a number of free spins to use on their games, meaning that you could potentially get even more money back from your deposit. 

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