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Top Road Trip Apps

Nothing beats getting out onto the open road. With the windows rolled down and the radio at maximum volume, it is without a doubt the best way to spend your summer. To help you on your travels, we have compiled what we think are the best road trip apps to make your journey as memorable as possible. 

Finding Best Places To Eat?

Whether you are thinking of hitting all the Man Vs Food hot spots or want to try everything on the IHOP menu, this app is essential for every foodie. Even if you are less of the planner and more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of traveller, never again will your heart sink when you come across an amazing restaurant, and already be full!

TV food map

Compatible With: Android, iOS

Planning Gas Stops?

We know that financial planning isn’t the most fun you can have on a road trip, but with the GasBuddy finding the best fuel prices for you, you can put your money towards more exciting things win-win!

Gas Buddy

Compatible With: Blackberry, Windows Phones, iOS and Android

Music For The Open Road

Music can alter the atmosphere in an instant and nothing makes a road trip like your favourite tunes. When you download the Spotify premium app you can create your own playlists. We recommend making multiple playlists of varying genres, so you can change the mood in an instant.


Compatible With: All devices

To Keep You From Losing Your Car

You won’t ever have to endure the embarrassing experience of losing your vehicle again. The iParkCar app will reunite you with your car in no time at all – and if you are sneaky enough you won’t even have to tell anyone that you had lost it in the first place.

IParkCar aPP

Compatible With: iOS

In Case You Break Down?

We like to think that nothing can possibly go wrong when embarking on your dream holiday. However, we recommend this handy app that not only provides AAA services such as roadside assistance, it also maps your journey for you and finds approved hotels.

AAA app

Compatible With: iOS

How Do I Kill Down Time?

While taking in the sights and sounds of the goings on around you, you may still fancy some entertainment during your driving down time. With hundreds of game apps available, it was almost impossible for us to choose the best one. So, here are our top games to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Mad libs app

Mad Libs: A classic game that never goes out of style. This is perfect if you are travelling with a family as all ages can get involved.

Big Brain Quiz app
 Big Brain Quiz: This app has an array of packs to choose from, so you will never get bored, however long your road trip is.

Karaoke anywhere app
Karaoke Anywhere: What is a car journey without extremely loud singing? With this awesome app, you can now give it your all without being interrupted by those pesky artists trying to sing better than you – which we all know they can’t…

What If…: What better time to get the know the innermost working of your friends? Do you share the same opinions, can you guess what your friend’s answer will be? This game will make your road trip even more exciting.

All that is left to do is pack your bags, rev the engine and start making memories on your life-changing travels!

This article originally featured on Sell The Car USA.