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Top 5 Business Industries Online Learning Technology Are Affecting 

Online learning has been on a steep rise in 2021. This steep rise is bound to cause change, more obviously, changing methods in training and the amount of experience required. It is specifically changing the access and scalability of this education, increasing the skilled workforce, and changing workforce training tactics. Below are some of the business models and sectors that are being affected by these advancements. 

Property Management 

More and more people are getting into property management because of the vast amount of information made available to them and because the business model is so desirable. Online learning is one of the many property management technologies that are changing the landscape today. Online learning can come in the form of YouTubers and online courses, paving the way for entrepreneurs to enter into the property management sector with great foresight of what is to come. These courses are overall increasing the demand and the skill of these people. 


E-commerce is constantly advancing and changing, and it takes an extreme amount of adaptability to keep up with that environment in today’s market. This change is where online learning is providing a foundation for more people to enter this business sector. If there were not people already giving out this information, then the ones entering would be at a great competitive disadvantage. Those already operating in the market also have to continue their education and be remote while having quick and easy access to information. They need that information for the new tactics and strategies to continue to have a competitive edge.  


People can learn online and do things for themselves. People can also learn more about house-hacking, house flipping, real estate investing, and other real-estate business ventures that lead them to do more construction projects. They will either learn about these projects through online courses and free information or hire a general contractor to do the work for them, saving them time while increasing the demand for general contracting. 


There is also better education for the construction workers. Often this increased amount of education leads the workers to gain their contracting license and become general contractors, earning even more money and broadening their skills. They can now earn their contractor’s license by taking exam prep courses.

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Marketing Firms

Marketing firms are now starting to rely on the effectiveness of online courses continuously. They are slowly not being able to rely on the digital marketing skills taught in traditional education and do not have the funds to invest in training. Training for them will also have to be on the client’s budget, lowering the value of their service. 


Lowering the value hurts the company and client’s bottom line, all for the trainee and their performance curve. Marketing course developers know this, though, and make sure to solve the problem in a desirable way. They can solve the problem by offering valuable real-world education that applies to the job required. This way, the marketing firms can invest in someone who already has certifications and not lose money on hiring just anyone.   

IT Development

Even STEM courses, mainly development, are increasing in online learning. Edx, Harvard’s online learning platform, reported a 15-fold increase in their online learners in 2021. This is easiest to see with IT and development. This field essentially made online learning. There are so many free sources for learning development and coding skills that it creates a lot of opportunities for more people to get in. There is not a lot stopping those people from learning about these skills anymore except for their own personal skills and desire. It allows kids at a young age to spark an interest in the field with the access to grow that spark. This access is turning over developers rapidly, fueling the market and possibly creating a lot of competition.   


Overall, it seems that every sector will be affected one way or another. Some sectors are being affected more than others. These business industries are some that were already changed and will continue to change because of the access to information and education. This change is good and sometimes necessary and should be taken advantage of to increase the access to education to increase our skills.