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The Main Causes Of Network Performance Issues

If you are having network performance issues with the computers at your facility, there are many reasons that this can be happening. In some cases, you are simply having a problem with your ISP, but it could be something that is far worse. For those that have never had this problem before, it could be something that has recently changed. You will have to troubleshoot, or you will have to find a company that can do the troubleshooting for you, plus resolve the problem right away. Here are a few tips that you can use to determine why you are having network performance issues.

Malware On Your Equipment

It is very common for people that are not using some type of system to block cyberattacks to end up with malware on their computer. It is becoming more common, and despite the fact that you may have some of the best antivirus, and anti-malware software running in the background, it is possible that it has not yet been identified by that system. It’s only by working with a business that is constantly doing updates that you can protect your computer from these problems. Therefore, if you are still having problems with your network, and performances lagging, you should do a scan for malware. To prevent any security issue and unauthorized accesses to your network, make sure you have a great system working for your company, such as a Meraki Firewall.

Outdated Equipment

Whether this is by design, or the simple fact that technology changes to quickly, computers seem to become outdated within just a few years. If you had purchased a laptop or desktop computer in the last three years, the following area will literally be obsolete. That is because the speed at which many software programs are constructed are designed to work with the latest systems. Since the software needs more RAM, or more processing power to operate properly, you will end up with problems with your network performance.

Speed Mismatch Problems

A better way to reference this particular issue is to simply call it a bottleneck. If you have ever been in a traffic jam before, one that was related to too much traffic on a narrow freeway, you know exactly what this means. In this case, if you have 20 or more computers on one particular server, and everyone is trying to access the server at once, you will end up with slow speeds. This is one of the few problems that you will face that has nothing to do with cybersecurity. In the same way that outdated equipment is not because of some type of cyber attack, this may prompt you to upgrade your server or get new computers to fix the issue.

DDoS Attack

A denial of service attack is becoming one of the more common problems that people face today. Although these individuals typically attack larger servers and companies, they may also find your business. Even if you only have a medium-sized server, that is usually large enough to attract their attention. When these attacks come, they are making a request to visit your server and website, and in the process can shut it down. That is why using a company that can provide you with cybersecurity is always recommended.

Spyware In The Background

This is different from malware which is typically designed to shut down your system. Spyware is constantly using up your resources as it is monitoring what you are doing. Keylogger spyware is an example of a type of software that will constantly monitor what you are doing. In this case, it is cataloguing everything that you type. There are literally hundreds of other types of spyware, all of which will be in the background, using up your resources and effectively slowing you down.

A Compromised Server

Even if it does not receive a direct denial of service attack, servers can run into all sorts of problems. It could be a physical problem, one that will actually cause the bandwidth to slow down. You may also find that it has been infiltrated by some type of malware that you were not protected against. That’s why using these businesses that will redirect your traffic through their own server first are so valuable in these circumstances. The software on the servers is designed to specifically look for the latest cyber at possibilities. At the very least, the filtration of that traffic will ensure that your server is not overwhelmed and will function at an optimal level.

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Junk Software On Your Network

This issue is usually the result of human error. For example, if you have employees that are downloading weather apps to their browser, or if they are downloading games that they can play, each time they use them, they are using up your server resources. If you have hundreds of employees all connected to the same server, you will quickly find that you are going to see everything slowing down. This is called junk software, and because all of the computers in the network are connected together, your network can be compromised from the inside. It is a good idea to have software that can identify new programs that have been downloaded, and if you don’t want them, they can be removed and quarantined right away.

A Virus On Your Computer

The final thing that you need to worry about on your computer network is a virus that can also slow everything down. The performance of your computer is often the result of keeping it clean. But if you have cleaned out your cache, and there is no malware or spyware, it is probably the result of a virus. Some of them are not that bad, whereas others are designed to completely obliterate your entire computer. That’s why working with a company that can not only block unwanted traffic but can provide you with the latest software that can protect your computers, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and money.

These are some of the primary causes for network performance issues. In most cases, you are dealing with a server issue. If you have proper protection, the next place you need to look is on the computers connected to the server itself. If you have a program such as that can scan for these potential issues, they should be able to find the problems right away. It could also be the result of employees downloading spyware or other software programs that can slow the entire network down very quickly. By monitoring all of this, you can ensure that your network performance levels are as high as possible.

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