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The Importance Of Pallet Racking

In many warehouse and large facilities, the need for safety is a must. Injuries can happen in the blink of an eye, especially when pallet racking isn’t maintained correctly. Each year there are injuries in warehouse and facilities that lead to minor to severe injuries to workers and as a result business lose out on not only a skilled worker but also on finances that could have otherwise been used on the industry.

Accidents happen. This is something that is bound to happen no matter how much precautions one may implement to prevent these things from happening. However, it is crucial and highly essential to be aware of the work environment as a worker and a supervisor.

More so it is the supervisor responsibility, a majority of the responsibility, to have an eye for the environment – is safe for the workers to work in? Failure to do so can allow for lawsuits and in some instances the shut down of the facility.

So to prevent injuries like this from happening and to prevent against any lawsuits arising it would prove most valuable for your place of business to make sure that the pallet racking is appropriately stacked and showing no signs of wear and tear.

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What do we mean?

Injuries can happen in the blink of an eye, especially when pallet racking isn’t maintained correctly.. Pallet racks that are old or maybe slightly bend, etc. can cause the items on the racks to slip off and hit and injure a worker.

This is not to an uncommon injury as slips and falls, with spilled liquids being one of the primary culprits of people getting injured in the workplace. But injuries such as falling and hitting workers due to poor pallet racking conditions are as prevalent.

As a supervisor, it would be incredibly valuable to your place of busies and your workers to have a good eye for detail and to be able to spot any dents, bends, or were and tear on a pallet.

Forklifts are one of the significant causes of pallet racking being damaged, and if the forklift driver is either new or inexperienced, it could prove to be the reason for a dead pallet racking.  

It is crucial in maintaining safety in a warehouse or any place of business, but more importantly, this serves extra true because of the idea of how many dangerous equipment and chemicals workers are around every day.

Safety must always be the number job for supervisor and something that should never be tale lightly.

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