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The Health Effects of Vaping

Although people have been using marijuana medicinally for thousands of years, many are now using new technologies to administer this ancient medicine. Vaporizers and other marijuana delivery methods use recent technology, but many people wonder the same questions: is a vape pen actually the healthier way to consume cannabis? There isn’t the same level of coughing associated with smoking with a pipe or joint, but what exactly is happening in a vape pen? Is vaping healthier than edibles? Are there any extra chemicals?

Vaping and Your Health: Getting the Whole Story

Vaping is, at the very least, healthier than regular smoking. No matter what someone is smoking, be it nicotine or marijuana, the act of breathing in something that has combusted is unhealthy. But because there is no combustion occurring inside of a vape pen, you are breathing in a very different substance.

What is Vaping?

When you vape, the liquid in the vape’s cartridge is heated up, creating steam or “smoke.” There is not actually any combustion going on, so it’s not the same as smoking. Cannabis cartridges contain different liquids, depending on which variety you use. Some cartridges contain a viscous kind of oil, called CO2 oil. Coconut oil may also be used in a cartridge. Glycols, glycerin, or terpenes, a substance derived directly from the cannabis plant is also present. Despite their obscure name, terpenes are a substance that you won’t need to worry much about as a cannabis derivative.

Just as with regular smoking of cannabis, some marijuana does have pesticides or other substances on it that you’ll want to avoid. This is why it’s important to get your cartridges and other vaping supplies from a reputable distributor with good reviews and a track record for quality.

Does Vaping Have Side Effects?

A recent study shows that there are no known negative health effects associated with vaping in the long-term. Vaping is a clean, cost-effective, odor-free method for consuming cannabis. As a vaping user, it’s important that you keep your vape pen in good working condition. You must make sure that the pen is working correctly and not overheating. If the pen does break, then it’s time to buy a new one.

A Short History of the Positive Health Effects of Vaping


What Health Conditions Can Vaping Help Treat?

The Health Effects of Vaping - 1

As mentioned above, vaping cannabis can treat a wealth of health conditions. Thousands of people have found relief through cannabis for many conditions including the following:

Pain Management

It’s difficult to deal with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, back pain, and multiple sclerosis. Symptoms can persist for weeks and years, and many of the common treatments have adverse side effects. Luckily, vaping cannabis for pain management is a tried and true treatment.


Chronic anxiety can be a crippling problem. Agoraphobia, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder as associated conditions. Many people have found that vaping cannabis has helped quell their anxiety and led to a better quality of life.


Glaucoma is a condition in which high pressure within the eye causes damage to the optic nerve. Traditional glaucoma treatments can be expensive or difficult to acquire. Luckily, cannabis has been found to relieve intraocular pressure for several hours per treatment.

Where Can I Find Vape Pens?

If you’re dealing with a health condition and want to use vaping to treat your symptoms, make sure that you invest in the best vaporizer pen for your health needs. Our guides and reviews at will help you find the best vaporizer for you.