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The gateway to utmost security in the era of smartphones

With the enormous production of smartphones and the subsequent release of numerous mobile apps, there has been a tremendous concern relating to their vulnerability issues. Users desire utmost safety and protection of their mobile phone and apps in order to safeguard their personal data and information from unwanted outside interference. Leomaster with its Leo Privacy Guard caters to all such pertinent requirements of millions of smartphone users.

The Android – iOS privacy app is available for free download from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Apart from guaranteeing the safety and security of smartphones and apps, it encompasses a multitude of applications mostly embedded with its one-click feature, thus ensuring simplicity of usage.

1. Privacy Scan – privacy solutions at your fingertips! 
The smartphone’s privacy status can now be determined with its one-click privacy scan feature. Users can facilitate utmost levels of protection by evaluating the privacy levels of several personal contents such as photos, videos, call logs, and so on that a smartphone usually contains. The smart technology makes recommendations and offers optimized solutions to the phone’s privacy concerns. One just needs to follow the step-by-step instructions and forget the worries of data theft or information leakage.

2. Wi-Fi Security Scan – guaranteed safe internet connectivity!
In the era of globalization through the internet, one needs to get their smartphones connected to the nearest WiFi’s available. However, not all WiFi’s are intended to do good to the public. There might be certain unprecedented scenarios arising from getting your smartphone connected to a WiFi. Review Leo Privacy Guard promptly scans the available connection and issues a warning in case it detects any loopholes in providing secure connectivity. Users may thereby block the connection and avoid security risks and other potential privacy problems.

3. Safe Box – your data is only yours!
With the emergence of smartphone technology, most users store all their personal data and information such as photos, audio and video recordings, text messages and so on in their smartphones. The latest addition by Leo Privacy Guard is the Safe Box, that can efficiently hide all personal information with just a single touch. Now, one may easily deceive the snoopers and enjoy their own sense of privacy!

4. Anti-Theft and Break-In Alert – Lost phones isn’t a problem anymore! 
Misplacing smartphones is a common issue that most mobile users face. In such scenarios, there is usually a chaos and panic among them concerning information leakage and theft of valuable data. However, with Leo Privacy Guard’s Anti-Theft feature, one may lock the private data in their phones and even delete them after the phone is lost. Moreover, it is possible to trace the location of the missing phone within minutes. Further, the Break-In Alert is a smart technological inbuilt that captures instant selfies of pryers who have exceeded the limit of typing the wrong password on the stolen or lost phone! The snapshots remain in the timeline and one may review and take action on the intruders anytime!

5. App Lock Feature:
Leomaster’s one-click App Lock feature has undoubtedly been one of the most coveted features. With this application, users may exercise significant control on private apps by getting them locked and avoiding unwanted hassles due to personal data leakage.

6. Simplified, Smart User Interface: 
In spite of incorporating all such technologically-efficient features, Leomaster has ensured that the basic user interface is kept simple. One just requires a couple of minutes to get accustomed to its new features and that’s what explains the popularity of Leo Privacy Guard. Further, the vibrant and colorful themes deliver a sense of elegance to all thereby spreading smiles across the globe!

The exponentially increasing popularity and worldwide positive reviews of the Leo Privacy Guard by Leomaster itself explain its importance in the e-commerce, social networking, and personal data storage domain. Undoubtedly, it is emerging and establishing itself as the must-have mobile phone privacy and security app!