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Ten​ ​Essential​ ​Items​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Gadget​ ​Geek

Are you a gadget geek who’s always on the lookout for the most useful tech out there? Looking for ideas to improve your arsenal of gadgets and gizmos? Want to revisit the fundamentals and check whether you have the essentials?

Below we’ll list ten of the most popular, essential tools that a gadget geek must have nowadays. These gadgets have varying costs, but most are generally affordable to the average Joe.

A Powerful Smartphone

Not just any kind of smartphone, mind you, but not necessarily the most expensive flagship right now. Look into getting last generation’s offerings, in the midrange to flagship range. They’ll still be powerful enough for gaming and photography and will be typically cheaper than the latest hype.

A Large Tablet

Some may argue that getting a “large,” six-plus-inch smartphone erases the need for a tablet. Six inches of viewing screen seriously pales in comparison to eleven inches of real estate on a tablet. Be it for gaming or movie binging, you’ll definitely appreciate the extra five inches of screen space. Don’t bother getting those subpar ten-inch tabs, by the way.

A Mirrorless Camera

Unless you’re a photography professional who needs various lenses and kits for their job, you don’t need a heavy DSLR camera setup. Just get a decent mirrorless camera. It’s compact, lighter, and generally cheaper. Some of these mirrorless cameras can also accommodate various lens kits, just in case you want more versatility.

An Ultrabook Laptop

You can’t work on a smartphone or a tablet. You’ll want a slim, lightweight laptop for that. Look into getting those ultrabook models that are cost-efficient enough for all your needs. If you’re into gaming, you may want to consider investing in a laptop that can do that too.

A Charging Hub

Don’t forget to carry a USB charger that has all the ports, wattage, and extra features that you need for your devices. Your gadgets are only as good as their battery lives. No point in lugging around a piece of technology that doesn’t have juice.

A Portable Hard Drive

Just for the plug-and-play convenience of it, getting a dedicated portable storage drive is oodles better than connecting your phone to a computer to access its SD card storage. Get at least a USB 3–compliant drive, and you won’t be worrying about slow transfer rates when copying large, movie files and games.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Ten​ ​Essential​ ​Items​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Gadget​ ​Geek - 1

Here’s a nifty gadget that can seriously improve your experience when commuting, traveling, or even at work. Never leave home without this.

A Mini Wireless Router

In case you’re going to a remote part of the world or just a nearby place with spotty connectivity, a mini wireless router can do wonders for your reception woes.

A Pocket Projector

Want to watch on a larger display, like, a wall or curtain of some sort? A mini projector is relatively affordable nowadays and can do that job. This device makes for a great Netflix binge night with the pals.

A Mobile Printer

Even in this day and age, printing is still a necessity. A small mobile printer can be helpful whenever you need a document printed while you’re out of the office and on the go.

Some Thoughts

Technology is always rapidly changing, building on existing systems or introducing new ones altogether. That being said, your gadget needs will change depending on how things are done nowadays. Be sure to do a product research first before deciding to buy a new gadget.