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Tech Trends for Halloween This Year

One of the most expected holidays of the year is coming, and you do not want one of those boring Halloween costumes. Do you want something even more than a costume? Do you want it to have some tech trends? Perfect! Then, the article we have prepared is just for you! Do you want to be aware of the tech trends for Halloween this year? Then keep on reading!

The Phone under the T-Shirt

This trick is really easy to do, and the effect will be amazing. Let us imagine you have a t-shirt with the monster. All you have to do is cut out its eyes, put the phone under the t-shirt in the place of the eyes, and turn on a GIF or a video with the moving eyes. The only thing you have to be careful about is sticking the phone to your t-shirt so that it does not fall. You have to either use the scotch tape or even sew the separate pocket for the phone. As a result, when the person looks at your outfit, s/he cannot understand how it is even possible that the ordinary image is moving.

LED Strip Light

To make any costume bright and add a tech effect to it, you have to simply buy and attach the LED strip light to it. It is one of the upcoming tech trends – you do not want to miss the chance to have its element in your costume. The costume can be of any type, but to make it look even more impressive, we advise you to consider the costume of an astronaut or R2D2. Anything that is associated with technology would be appropriate if you are going to use the LED strip light. You can use the LED strip light of any colors and width. The most important thing is to attach it properly so that it does not fall off. You will be the star of any party because your shine will be seen dozens of meters away.

Wooden Puppet

If you are not a Halloween shopper, you can draw your costume. Here, you will only need the power of makeup. First of all, you have to be able to draw beautifully. Second of all, you will need some patience because the more body you demonstrate, the more you will have to cover it with the wooden portrayal. It is not a real technological device, however, looking at you from the far distance, people would not believe you are real and not made out of wood. You can look really creepy if you are not sorry to spend your time on drawing the tiny lines to demonstrate the wooden texture. We would recommend you to wear the colorful contact lens to make your gaze seem absent and creepy and a wig not to allow anything natural to stay on you. Do not forget that any wooden puppet is sort of creepy, but if you choose to recreate the image of the scary one, you will have the resounding success at any party!

Tech Trends for Halloween This Year - 1

Headless Costume

This one does not really need the technology interference, however, you will never guess how the costume is made if you are not aware of its “recipe.” To create the body that is higher than your height, you have to wear the backpack and the coat so that your head is situated on the level of the coat’s stomach. To fill in the space from the stomach to the neck areas, you have to put the plastic bags inside so that they obtain the shape (here, the backpack is necessary so that the bags do not fall on the floor). Then, you take out the head from the coat and put a plastic jar on it (make enough holes to be able to breathe). To create an effect as if the body is holding the head in the hands, you need to attach the gloves to the coat, fill them with plastic bags, and with the help of the pins, attach them to the jar.

Tech Trends for Halloween This Year - 2

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