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Why Switching To Modafinil Can Improve Your Productivity

If you are reading this, you probably spend a good deal of time and resources trying to improve your workflow. It’s well known that not all hours spent at a computer screen are created equal.

The usual advice about health and good sleep habits etc. is all well and good, but the facts are, sometimes you have to work in less than optimum conditions. Sudden unforeseen conditions often run up against hard deadlines and force us to put in ungodly hours without proper sleep, diet etc. And we need to stay crispy no matter what. So….

There are lots of options out there for energy, from energy drinks and coffee to niacin etc. including prescription meds etc. but one often overlooked option is Modafinil.

Why Modafinil? First off, it works; it’s just as simple as that. It works, and it works for an average of 12-15 hours. So you take it once and you’re good to meet that deadline without having to worry about it wearing off. This allows you to get into and stay in the zone. During things like extended coding sessions, this is exactly totally what you are looking for.


Secondly, in the vast vast majority of cases there are absolutely zero side effects. None. Compare that with even your average cup of coffee and the potential side effects. Most stimulants have side effects. Even something like Red Bull has potentially serious side effects, and generally has some side effects every time someone takes it in their body. Modafinil  on the other hand has been out there commercially since 2003 and so far has very few, and, let me repeat, in almost every case has NONE.

Modafinil typically comes in two different presentations: modafinil 200mg and amodafinil 150mg, the amodafinil version being actually slightly stronger. You can of course cut the pills in half and the effects and times will be roughly halved in that way. It is also available generically, the generics being generally slightly weaker than their brand-name counterparts.

The easiest way to get going is simply to order modafinil online, bypassing the hassle with pharmacies and needless markups etc. You get it shipped to your door, it arrives promptly and discreetly and the more you order, the more you save.

So go ahead and try some out, I bet you won’t be disappointed.

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