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The Kitchen of the Future: 4 Technologies That Will Make Your Kitchen Smarter

We’re moving into a future in which machines not only collect data but also use that data to take action on our behalf. With advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and the future’s 5G wireless connectivity, your kitchen will be able to think for itself. As sustainability becomes increasingly important, technology will be available to ensure your kitchen is eco-friendly and your water and power supply are sustained naturally.


1. The Internet of Things Will Keep You Connected

Smart home technology will become the standard in the kitchen of the future. With voice command apps, you can tell your kitchen appliances when to turn on and off or perform certain tasks, without having to lift a finger. Your appliances will work together and receive data from sensors throughout your kitchen, allowing you to automate many tasks.

You’ll also see the integration of smart screens into kitchens, making the kitchen more connected to the rest of your life. Using smart screens that connect to the cloud, you can access messages, make calls, stream TV, and access the internet.

2. Home Automation Will Give You a Hand in the Kitchen

The kitchen of the future will give you a hand with cooking and keeping inventory of what food and products you have on hand. With a trash can that scans the packaging of empty packaging to keep track of what you’ve run out of in your pantry, you have your grocery shopping list made for you.

With AI technology, your refrigerator can even place your grocery store order for you, by tracking how much you typically pay for specific items, which items you buy organic, and which produce is in season. You can also tell it what’s on your menu for the next few days and it can order the ingredients to make the recipes. Your oven will be able to decide when to start and stop cooking a meal, and text you when it’s ready.

3. High-Tech Security Cameras Will Keep You Safer

Home security technology will also be part of the interconnected Internet of Things. With high-tech HD security cameras, you’ll be able to keep tabs on people and pets in your kitchen and check to make sure appliances have been turned off.

4. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design Will Reduce Your Footprint

New technologies like solar-powered appliances and aquaponic water systems will make energy and water sources sustainable in your kitchen. If you want to go a step further, you’ll be able to remodel your kitchen to be made with more eco-friendly materials, such as wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and countertops made with recycled materials and low-toxicity binders. These kitchen components will continue becoming increasingly available on the market in a wider range of styles.

Looking Ahead

Experts say we’re at least 10 or 15 years from a kitchen that is fully connected with appliances that have AI technology, but most of this technology is here already. The next step is developing technology that allows devices from different companies to communicate with each other. When the future arrives, your kitchen will save you time, keep you safer and help the novice chef have cooking success.