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Why your small business needs the cloud, now!

Traditional desktop applications have become pre-historic and we are seeing a huge increase of businesses embracing cloud technology. Migrating to a cloud-based intranet system can be daunting, however, implementing this software will have a positive impact on your company’s efficiency, cash flow, and security – to name a few. AWS is the leading cloud provider in the world and has significantly reduced costs many times which shows their efficiency. Without a doubt those organizations which employ these services will get manifold benefits. One can get competitive AWS courses on Intellipaat e-learning institute. Read on to learn why your small business needs the cloud.

  1. Total accessibility & flexibility

Cloud computing enables people to work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection and isn’t restricted to one platform. Most cloud-based software can be easily accessed from desktop, tablet, and mobile, so your business can operate around the clock, from any device and from anywhere. This flexible approach to work is particularly useful for remote workers and companies with people spread across different locations, even countries.

  1. Lower company outgoings

Cloud-based software is affordable, due to the subscription basis on which most are provided and lower maintenance fees, both especially important for businesses in their infancy. Without the traditional upfront outlay required for specialist software, hardware or setup costs, you can be up and running in minutes and save money. Even better, cloud based solutions typically require little to no IT management on your part, with everything managed by the service supplier, reducing company spend on dedicated IT resources.

  1. Better security

Storing sensitive data on computers is a risk that no business should take. Physical devices can be stolen, misplaced, or broken and if you don’t have back-ups your hard work will be gone too. The cloud removes this risk. Automatic back-ups paired with disaster recovery means that your valuable content will be safe in the unfortunate event that your device breaks, crashes, or you simply forget to click save!

  1. Improve collaboration, integration, and productivity

The cloud goes hand in hand with teamwork and collaboration, as your whole team can access important content, documents and systems from anywhere at any time, it makes it easier for them to collaborate than traditional systems could ever allow. By giving people the freedom to work without the restrictions of traditional systems, it gives you every opportunity to focus on what’s really important for your small business; growing it!