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Price is most important Criteria when purchasing a Smartphone survey shows

Men and Women don’t always want the same thing, but new data from Nielsen show that when it comes to purchasing a brand new smartphone the criteria both men and women look at are quiet similar to each other.  A survey done to both men and women in more then 58 different countries show that Price is the most important criteria when purchasing a smartphone.

Criteria Men Women
Price 67% 72%
Phone features 49% 48%
Battery life 48% 44%
Operating system (Android, IOS, RIM) 48% 41%
Internet connectivity 42% 39%
Processor speed 41% 31%
Screen size 38% 34%
Handset Style/Design 34% 35%
Camera capability 30% 32%
Wireless carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, Orange, etc.) 27% 26%
Service contract terms 25% 27%
Source: Nielsen Global Survey, Q1 2013

After the price the most important thing for men is the technical factors of the device like the processor power, operation system, internet connectivity and battery life. Women on the other hand, don’t think processor power is an important criteria instead, Features and batter life seem to be at the top of the list.

With all of the new smartphones coming out with improved cameras and new designs it is surprising to see those 2 criteria being the least important with women 32% and men just 30% think the camera is important and 34% of the women think design is important vs 35% of the men. Here is an image from Mashable showing a visual graphic of the data from Nielsen:

Smartphone purchase criteria men vs women