Play Store app refund time increased to 2 hours

For those who frequently purchase on the Play Store might have noticed that after purchasing an app, the “install” button says “refund” allowing you to ask for a full refund of the purchased app if you don’t like it. According to the Play Store support page a user has up to 15 minutes to as for a refund then the “Refund” button becomes a “Uninstall” button.

The guys over at Android police  have noticed that instead of 15 minutes it now takes up to 2 hours for the Refund button to disappear which could mean that Google has increased the refund time of a purchase, all though this has not officially been confirmed. David Ruddock did a little experiment in which he purchased an app and waited 15 minutes to see if the refund was still available and exactly 2 hours after he purchased the app it disappeared, according to AP several team members had the same.

As of now it is yet unknown if this is just an experiment or a feature we will soon see Google officially reveal. Have you experienced the 2 hour refund time in any recent purchase? Let us know!

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