OneDrive Android app users getting free 100GB storage

Microsoft is giving free 100GB Storage to all OneDrive Android app users. Via a new promotion using its Bing Rewards system, Microsoft is giving the new OneDrive Android app beta testers free 100GB of storage.

The new OneDrive Android app features a new material design inspired look replacing the old outdated interface. By installing the OneDrive beta (APK can be found bellow) and signing up to Bing Rewards you can redeem your free 100GB of cloud storage.

How to claim your free 100GB OneDrive Storage

Free OneDrive storage

  1. This promotion is for US customers only
  2. You are required to have a Microsoft Account
  3. Head over to Bing Rewards here
  4. Sign in into your account
  5. Join the Bing Reward system
  6. Claim your free storage

Keep in mind that the storage is only valid for 2 Years after that, it will be removed from your account.

(Beta) OneDrive 2.9.6 APK Download

Keep in mind that you are required to be signed up for the beta (this can be done following the steps above) Once done, you can proceed to download the OneDrive 2.9.6 APK beta  with file name

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