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Nissan’s smart rearview mirror can switch to an LCD screen

Have you been in a situation where the passengers in the back of your car are blocking the back window, or perhaps you have have some luggage piled up on the back seat, again blocking your view? Well today Nissan has revealed that they’ll soon be making this problem a thing of the past as next year Nissan’s new Smart Rearview Mirror will offer a blend of the traditional mirror which can then be turned into a full colour LCD display with the touch of a button. While other car manufacturers offer very similar functionality with their rearview mirrors which are usually shown on a display in the car along with a bunch of other information which is useful when reversing, but Nissan’s mirror is hooked up to a wide angle camera mounted onto the back of the car. The whole idea is to provide the driver with a clearer view of what’s behind them, helping them to avoid blind spots and can also automatically adjust to avoid other cars’ headlight glare.


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This isn’t a new thing as you’ve been able to easily buy similar systems from third party companies for a while now. But Nissan look like they’re going to be the first manufacturer to offer the system as a standard add on for their cars. They already help you with your parking with their Around View feature with a multi camera setup which gives a virtual overhead view of your cars surrounding. Nissan has said that the new system will be introduced to models in Japan in 2015, but the Smart Rearview mirror will need to gain approval from local agencies first before they can announce availability in other regions. Take a look at the video below to see the new system in action.