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Mobile Applications That Will Increase Your Productivity

The great thing about starting a business in this age is the technology that can help us manage it. From systems you can install in your laptops, mobile applications, to third party systems you can acquire, the innovation geared towards businesses and their customers are endless. Let us take the ASIC company search service available in Australia for instance. It is a database that aims to guide the public about companies who follow the consumer laws that protect them. Now the public request information that will make them feel secure about doing business with a certain Australian company.

However, as much as these systems are helping businesses rake in profit, the challenge shifts to maintaining the motivation needed to be efficient and productive. Well, it’s a good thing there are mobile apps for that, too. Here are some of the most helpful applications you can have on your mobiles to increase your productivity.



For the person who loves making lists, or at least who will feel more organised with lists, the Wunderlist app is one of the best choices for you. As the name suggests, the app helps you with making lists. You can create different lists, filed accordingly. The best part about Wunderlist is you can access your lists on any device because they are automatically saved on a cloud. Another impressive function is its ability to share the lists with multiple users. You can set a date and time for when a certain task needs to be done by an employee or a group mate, and then be notified if the task was not ticked off.


For the more visual planner, Inkflow may be the perfect choice for you. It allows you put your ideas and plans as you would with a pen and paper. Then you can re-arrange the points to make it more organised and then have them uploaded so you can have a picture-perfect version of your plan doodles. You can even use it to doodle notes during meetings, save them, and then organise them later on. Anyway, doodling has always been a helpful tool to keep your mind stimulated and focused.


This is the perfect app for people who keep forgetting their passwords. What it does is keep all security information for all of your accounts and then syncs across all devices. All of these are kept behind a master password, so if a hack is attempted, all of the security information for all of your accounts will be deleted. There is also a group option where you can assign which person is in charge of certain accounts.



Evernote is one of the most popular apps for people not just in need of organisation, but those who have endless ideas. It allows you to create lists, voice record ideas, take pictures to add to your notes, and save links. The best part is you can record voice and take notes at the same time, so it is very helpful during meetings.


If your group is relatively big, Highrise can become a very helpful tool for you. It is a CRM app that allows you to supervise tasks and objectives of everyone in the team, including yours. It can integrate with the email accounts and calendars for better tracking, link social media accounts, and then custom tag company or individual accounts for easy retrieval of contact.

The best part about all of these apps is that they are free (with paid options) and can be downloaded on desktop as well. Of course, being productive and organised is not just for businesses, it can be for everyone who is in need of help. But remember that while increasing productivity is important, you should always take time to relax and destress so you can feel refreshed again.

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