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Microsoft will give you $50 if you stop using Windows XP

Microsoft will ended support for Windows XP  on April 8 meaning that there won’t be any more security updates leaving potentially thousands of users PC vulnerable to malware. Since it was first mentioned by Microsoft , the company has been doing huge marketing campaigns to get users to upgrade their OS to the newer Windows 8, but it seems like many haven’t done so yet.

In a new attempt to get users to upgrade, Microsoft is giving away $50 gift cards for the Microsoft Store, 90 days of free support and help with data transfer to anyone who decides to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 8.

With the $50 Gift card you can get huge discounts on Windows Phone devices available in the Microsoft Store or you can pick up a touchscreen notebook for as little as $249. If you are still using Windows XP this might be a great time to upgrade, not just for the $50 gift card but also because your system is truly at risk. Here are the things Microsoft will offer:

  • $50 gift card – Buy a PC from the assortment and get a $50 digital gift card towards any future purchase like PC’s, Office etc.
  • 90 days of free support – Receive free premium phone, chat, and sales support
  • Free data transfer – We will help you transfer your personal photos, videos, music, and files for free to Windows 8

You can check if you are still running Windows XP on Microsoft’s new “” website