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Micro-Wins in Casinos: A Clever Path to Gambling Wins

A micro-win is a clever tactic employed by casinos and actually game providers. It refers to the fact of receiving a win that is smaller than the initial bet. It occurs in low-volatile slot games, which are slots that provide a frequent amount of micro-wins, as opposed to high volatility casino games in Kenya that provide big wins but rarely. Corresponding to that, high-volatility slots have bigger wins but less frequently. The payout amount is pretty much the same. For example, a player can win 25 times $4 or one-time $100, amounting to the same. 

The Rewarding System

The fact why micro-wins work is due to the reward system wired in our brain. The anticipation of the potential win ends in a dopamine release which is why people love to gamble and more importantly, why they love slots and micro-wins. So, even despite low odds and certain defeats if played long-term, players continue playing the game. Micro-wins only prolong the playing time and the hope of a big win time. This is how they get you. 

Micro-wins are mostly present on new slots which also feature a wide range of special effects and designs that draw people to playing them. It helps that micro-wins prolong the gaming experience. So, people now get to spend hours in front of the slot for the same money that they used to spend in an hour. This comes as a big plus for some players. 

The Lack of the Big Win

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But micro-wins slots have their dangers for casinos and most lies in the fact that these slots usually don’t provide the big jackpot possibility and it is the big jackpot that players love to chase after. Therefore, there is no potential life-changing moment which is what makes slots so rewarding and why they are played to such extents. The brain is aware of this situation and might provide a less intensive dopamine release. 

Gambling will be gambling

In the end, gamblers will gamble no matter the odds but because of the experience. Therefore, both high, as well as low-volatility slots, will have their fair share of loyal players. Micro-wins provide the possibility to play for longer periods for the same amount which might be perfect for the elderly. 

Additionally, they are all about themes and amazing graphics and design, making them highly entertaining and engaging even for the younger generations. 

It is a fact that most people hope to win big but deep in their mind they are wired to understand that this quite possibly will never occur so people actually hope to lose small and get to play for longer times which is why micro-wins are a perfect solution.