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Have you ever handed over your phone to someone and afraid that their investigative eyes will access your confidential files? This is brought about by insufficient data security mechanism in your phone. For an android phone user held up in such situation, nothing much can be achieved with its inbuilt protection features. 

Leo Privacy Guard


This is one of the finest applications on the Android Market. It plays two primary roles, securing and boosting your phone. The App lock option in Leo is responsible for safeguarding every individual app that you feel needs some degree of protection. 


Leo utilizes specific patterns only known to the owner for phone locking and unlocking purposes. If by chance, anyone intends to remove this feature, they must first unlock the pattern security. You can sufficiently lock galleries where you store your videos and photos in addition to sensitive apps that deal with passwords security and social networking.  

This makes you feel much more comfortable when you hand over your phone to others or when your phone lands on unauthorized hands. As long as Leo is installed in your smart device, you can always feel safe. The App lock feature is amazing. .

Other Security Features

Another valuable feature to boost your phone’s security is the App cover. This includes features like Fingerprint, Error, Beauty cover, and Unknown caller. All of these four features enable you to unlock any app you had previously locked in addition to disguising anyone who uses your device.

Beauty cover allows you to unlock the app by pulling down a zipper that opens up for a beautiful lady to appear on the screen. While using the error feature, there is an error like pop up that appears on the screen. All you need to do to unlock the app is to swipe the pop up.

The unknown caller feature offers the best disguise. When you or someone else opens the app, it looks like a stranger is calling your phone. In the fingerprint scanner, you are required to tap your fingerprint repeatedly for three times for the app to be unlocked. This feature is also very helpful when your phone gets lost. 

User Modes

Modes enable your phone to look unique every time you open it. By default, there are two modes. These are Guest and Home modes. Modes allow you to identify the apps that you need to lock depending on the situation you are in. Home mode can be perfect when you are at home and you need to lock the apps that you think are not suitable for your family members to access.

You can also create your own modes such as time mode whereby, you set the specific time at which a certain mode like Home mode takes effect. The Position lock feature enables your phone to connect to the WiFi depending on the mode you choose.  

Phone Boosting

There is a boost icon that installs by default along with Leo Privacy Guard. It notifies you whenever you phone requires a boost up. When the icon is clicked, a rocket and some clouds emerge from the bottom of the phone moving towards the top. A pop up then emerges that displays the amount of clean memory/RAM. It is a fantastic way to clean up our device and boost it up within a very short time.