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Lens Scanner

Lens Scanner: The solution to getting your current eyeglasses prescription for free from the comfort of your home

When it comes to buying glasses online, people nowadays are always looking for a spontaneous and efficient experience. Not remembering your current prescription might, for instance, prevent you from shopping instantly and force you to make your prescription checked again, wasting not only time and patience but also money.

In order to avoid those unpleasant situations occur as well as to improve access to vision care and health care delivery, SmartBuyGlasses has recently promoted a virtual eye clinic introducing Lens Scanner – powered by 6 over 6. Lens Scanner is a prescription reader app which allows people who already possess prescription eyeglasses, but don’t remember their prescription details, to extract their eyeglasses prescription straight through their phone. It’s free, user-friendly and time-saving. It goes without saying that the Lens Scanner is contributing to enhancing a new way of buying glasses. People don’t need to go to an eye clinic just to get their current eyeglasses prescription. Thanks to this new technology, eye health care will be provided in a convenient and direct way.

How does it work?

The process is very easy. You just require 4 things:
1. A smartphone with the Lens Scanner app downloaded that you can find the Apple store and Google play store
2. A laptop or computer (with a 12” screen or larger)
3. Your current pair of prescription eyeglasses
4. A standard size magnetic card

Through the manipulation of light coming from your pc digital screen and thanks to the magnetic part of your card, the app is able to retrieve the optical parameters of your current eyeglasses.  Once the app has finished scanner your lenses, it would provide you with a full and ready to use eyeglasses prescription.  Your glasses prescription will be automatically saved and added to any glasses you’d like to purchase.

Lens Scanner - 1

What are the benefits of using Lens Scanner? 

One of the best things about the Lens Scanner app is that you will save time and money by having your vision errors details checked instantly.
The app is indeed completely free of charge and thanks to its technology you will obtain your prescription in a fast way, without incurring in any hassle. Being a digital tool, this new app can be used anywhere and anytime as well. On top of all those benefits, the FDA has already listed the Lens Scanner as a safe and effective mobile medical app.

In just a few easy steps, you will get your glasses prescription along with a pair of designer eyeglasses online right from the comfort of your couch using the Lens Scanner app.

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