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iPhone and iPad dominated online shopping traffic (again)

This year, Apple’s iPhone and iPad dominated online shopping traffic again according to new data from IBM which analyzed more then 800 United states based retail websites. The average iOS user spend approximately $97.28 on each order while Android users spend 44% less at $67.40 per order.

iPhone 6 christmas

More then 57.1% of online shopping via mobile or tablet during 2014 Christmas holiday was carried out using an iPhone or iPad, this is an 8% increase from last year. As far as website traffic goes, 39.1 percent of all online traffic came from iPhone’s and iPads while just 17.7 percent from Android devices (the rest is from various devices like Desktop PC’s, Macs etc.)

It is also interesting to note that the strong iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus sales have managed to increase Apple’s web traffic market share by as much as 8.3%