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How to Use Tech to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Remote workers initially showcased a massive increase in productivity, but it’s not reasonable to expect those results in the long run. Instead, businesses need to do more now than ever to keep remote employees engaged. You need to do more than make it feasible to work remotely; you need to work on recreating your company culture. You need employees to have fun and feel passionate about their projects, which can be done by using the right tech and tools.

The right tools make a world of difference, but you need to go beyond just tools. You need to change your approach, as well. You can click here to learn how to connect remote employees beyond just using the right tools. The right attitude and the right employee culture also matter, so use these tools to build the ultimate online workplace.

Smart Video Conferences

Zoom has overtaken Skype, and for a good reason. It isn’t just about the ability to chat with others online. You need to be able to share files, screens, and chat more naturally. The right video conference call features can completely change how employees engage with your meetings, so the right video conference tool (it doesn’t have to be Zoom) is essential to keeping your employees engaged.

Collaborative and Cloud-Based Work

Remote working cannot occur without cloud-based applications. Choose applications that allow teams to work on a single project collaboratively and in real-time. The success of this collaboration is key to keeping employees engaged with their work. If they feel like they work in a bubble, they won’t feel connected to others on their team and not to those in their wider company.

Instant Messaging

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Don’t allow your employees to use standard messaging systems. Not only are most of them unsecure, but they can also be distracting. Professional messaging systems make it easier to communicate and collaborate while keeping the focus on the work at hand.

Intranet Systems

The best option, hands down, is an intranet system. When it comes to how to engage remote employees, Intranet solutions are the best out of the bunch. That being said, you won’t want to skip out on any of the other tech tools in this list. You need them all to keep remote employees working well and emotionally engaged.

What an Intranet system offers is a community. It is a contained social networking site that works to make it easier to work and connect with others in your company. Every employee has their own profile, social following, and can even make posts and blog articles. For the employer, you can send out must-read content, work to team build, and generally just make the entire remote working experience more pleasant and engaged.

Combine this tool with the others in the list, and you will find your employees working well and happy with their remote set-up. Only when you have both can you adopt remote working full-time and allow your employees to take advantage of the remote working to find their dream home and enjoy the ultimate work/life balance.

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