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How to tackle a thorough audit of your business communications systems

With so many moving parts to your business it can be easy to fall out of the habit of reviewing the nuts and bolts of the business to make sure you are being as economical as possible and getting the best service available for your budget. Doing so can sound hard and impractical, but it doesn’t have to significantly disrupt or slow down the running of your for any length of time. 

If you can find the briefest time to look over your business communications systems, it will very likely prove to be worth it: there are large savings to be made if you find the right system for you, and so it is always worth stopping to compare each and every option available. Here are our suggestions for how to audit your business communications systems.

Be aware of hidden costs

If you are using an ISDN connection the reason is likely just that it is what was available as a decent package when you set up your business. ISDN technology is known to be reliable as the first high-speed internet service, but if you are using it you are likely not getting the full value or savings you could from your business phones. On ISDN the cost per line rental and the cost per call are both higher than if you were to use a SIP Trunk to streamline your phone usage over an IP system. Hidden costs can quickly add up, so it is worth staying on the lookout for them.

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Consider whether or not a Private Branching Exchange is right for you

In any medium to large organisation and especially in any larger business it is very likely that your phones are arranged over a Private Branching Exchange, or PBX, the standard for internal office phone systems around the world. If your business is on a small scale, with a few employees, then be aware of the option of moving to an external cloud-based system, on which you could move away from expensive headsets and business specific expensive handsets to use your existing phones and regulate your business use through an app on your current handsets.

Consider SIP Trunking

If you are working for a corporation large enough to be well-served by a Private Branching Exchange then you are better off sticking with it but considering your options. If you invest in a UK SIP Trunk by Gamma then you can rest assured that you will have greater flexibility of options, especially since it can be incredibly fast to switch any existing PBX system from ISDN over to a SIP Trunking system. 

These SIP Trunking systems come in especially useful when you need flexibility, such as when expanding or downsizing a business. They are also excellent from a saving perspective as they save up to 50% in line rentals and 25% on calls, and also offering free internal calls over the PBX which can allow for great savings within the business. 

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