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How to Make Money Right from Your Mobile Phone

Our mobile phones are incredibly powerful machines. Whether we are loyal Apple enthusiasts, or classic Android users, our phones have more uses than we probably realize. Considering how much work we do on our computers these days, we probably have the suspicion that we can also make money on the miniature computers that we carry with us everywhere we go.

When we look at the amount of time we spend on or with our phones, the potential earnings are really large. Here are some of the best ways to leverage some of this time and start to increase your overall income!

Move to Earn Games

A big new trend in cryptocurrency is a genre of games called move-to-earn. These apps are exactly what they sound like: you can earn money, in this case cryptocurrency, simply for moving around while using the app.

These games generally mint cryptocurrencies and give them to you in exchange for either making an initial investment in the project, showing you advertisements, or aggregating user data and selling it. What this means for you is that you can just sign up, make that initial investment if necessary and just start walking to start earning.

Whether or not Bitcoin seems like just a dream to you, getting paid to be active and healthy is a pretty good deal! After all, this is a very efficient use of time and is basically free money.

Play to Earn Games

In addition to games that reward you for moving around, you can also play games to earn money. Some of these are cryptocurrency games that work a lot like the move to earn games.

They can be a lot of fun! Some ask you to make an initial investment, while others will charge you only for upgrades that will help you earn more money later on. These tend to be more fun than the move to earn games, but are less guaranteed to produce income streams, as you actually have to win against other players.

Another category of play to earn games are online betting sites. Check out these top online betting sites in the UK, where you can find competitive odds, secure licenses, and the best welcome offers. These expert reviews even suggest the best betting sites for each sport, for new bettors, and for players using mobile apps.

The best part of these options is that you can play them whenever you have free time. You could be on the bus or in the waiting room and also be racking up some extra cash!

Opportunities to Invest

Another way to earn money from your phone is by investing. Of course, this is not a one-hundred percent guaranteed profit, but stock markets have, on the whole, tended to rise over the long run. In other words, this is not the best way to make money from one week to the next, but rather as a way of growing your savings over the long run.

There are plenty of apps nowadays that make investing accessible to beginners. Before these apps and tools, one needed to pay a professional broker, and the stock market generally seemed farther away. Now it is in the palm of your hands wherever you go!

Pick up Some Odd Jobs

While we can make money literally from our phone, we can also use our phone to organize our economics. Whether it is using an app to organize our expenses or finding new revenue streams, we can use our phones to better organize our finances or give us access to new revenue streams.

One way to do this is to find odd jobs from your phone. Many people are using Taskrabbit or Craigslist to find them. These sites and apps allow you to connect with people who need help with domestic tasks. For example, Ikea uses Taskrabbit to connect consumers with people who are skilled in putting together their furniture. Ikea furniture is not the most difficult, and, plus, once you get their system down, it will become easier every time.

These quick tips can be really helpful for those who want to really maximize some of that time that can feel useless. It is time to make the most of that beautiful piece of technology we have in our pockets.