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How to Fix Nexus 6 Data connection issue

Nexus 6 users haven’t had much luck since its release, experiencing many bugs and exploding batteries, but the fun isn’t over yet. Nexus 6 owners are complaining both on Reddit and XDA that they seem to be unable to get a Data connection.

Most users experiencing this have a “!” exclamation mark next to the 3G or LTE connection status. The issue seems to be affecting mainly Sprint and T-Mobile costumers, however Nexus 6 users in the UK are also experiencing similar issues.

Nexus 6 exclamation mark LTE

How to Fix Nexus 6 Data connection issue

There are currently 3 methods worth trying:

  1. Rebooting your Nexus 6: All though it seems stupid, it is the only thing that will temporarily fix your Nexus 6 data connection issue. Most users say that Rebooting their device will fix the issue for a few minutes to a few hours if you are lucky.
  2. Removing the SIM: Other users report that Removing the SIM and putting it back in can fix the issue. We highly recommend you turn off your device, Remove the SIM, wait a few minutes, put it back in again and turn your device back on.
  3. Factory Reset: The only option left is to perform a full factory reset. You can learn more about how to perform one by reading our guide here