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How To Avail Phone Plans In Singapore

What’s required when applying for a phone plan in Singapore? After how long should my phone plan be availed and how do I activate it? Is the process of applying for a physical SIM the same as that of an online phone plan? These questions will run in your mind when you’re looking to purchase a phone plan in Singapore. Luckily, this support post will answer them to help you understand the registration, approval and activation process of phone plans in Singapore.

Online application process

For phone plans that don’t need a physical line, everything’s done online. From submitting your personal or corporate details such as email to how the service plan itself is availed, everything happens through the provider’s official website. Here’s the process to follow:

• Choose a provider- Pick a reputable phone plan provider in your area guided by what past clients and other people, in general, relate them with. A good provider must have a good track record and the trust of the people they’ve served in the past.

• Visit your provider’s website- The website is where you’ll do the entire application process. Ensure you’re working with the official website, then sign up for a user account via the website. Many providers just require your email address for this step.

• Select your preferable data plan- Head over to the plans category on the website and select your preferred plan among the list of plans that’ll be provided. It would help if you reviewed your plan’s details before proceeding to checkout.

• Check Out- Once you’re content with what your plan offers, check it out, but first review and understand all the payment details. At this step, you’ll be required to log in to your user’s account to continue.

• Fill in the application form and submit the required details- The application form lets you fill in your personal details and any other requirements for the chosen plan. Most providers also ask you to submit proof of identification, address and financial capability. Confirm everything and submit your application details.

After submitting your application form, the provider should review and process it, then later alert you on approval. If the plan does not require a physical SIM, it’ll be availed mainly by email and you’ll be required to activate it using the prompts it comes with.

What if you need to order a SIM card?

You’ll need the following to order your SIM card:

• Personal details- The most crucial personal detail is your mobile number, as this is where the provider will send alert messages. The rest of the personal details such as full name, residential address and proof of income will be required during activation.

• Delivery address- Here, you need to give your EXACT address to ensure that the SIM does not land at the wrong destination.

• Delivery time- This is the time you want the SIM to be delivered to your address. It is recommended to choose a time that you’ll be available so that you can pick it yourself and activate it as soon as possible.

A good phone plan provider should deliver the SIM card to your destination free of charge. After you get your SIM card, you’ll be required to activate it within a stipulated period. Most providers go for a period of one week.

Activating a SIM

The first step is to head over to your provider’s activation page and choose whether you want to transfer your existing number or apply for a new one from another Telco. In most cases, the transfer is a one-click process.

After choosing your number, the next step is confirming your identity and financial capability. In some instances, you’ll need to upload relevant supporting documents. From here, you just need to submit the details, complete payment and wait for confirmation.

The period it’ll take for the activation process to be completed is around 2 hours, but this depends on the provider offering you the services. You’ll get a confirmation message once your activation message has been completed.

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Whether you go the physical SIM way or online, you should not find any challenges availing your phone plan. Many providers have refined this process and it’s just a matter of following every instruction given. Even with this, you’ll still need to work with a good provider-one with a customer support team that can help you out when you’re stuck in any stage of the process.