Here are the Top 5 richest Bitcoin millionaires

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With the rise of something new there are always a few that get on board early on, this is no different with the rise of the Bitcoin. Several young entrepreneurs have made huge profits of the cryptourrency which has seen huge increase in value in a very short time and is expected to only become more valuable. So who are the 5 people that own the most Bitcoins? Lets take a look:

 1. Charlie Shrem

charlie shrem

Co-founder and CEO of BitInstant Charlie Shrem is a Bitcoin millionaire. Recently in the news for being arrested on money laundering he founded BitInstant from a $10.000 loan from his family. It is estimated that the now 24 year old entrepreneur has over $14 million worth of Bitcoins, well maybe $13 Million is you take off the $1 million bail he had to pay in order to get out of jail.

2. Roger Ver

roger ver

Since Roger Ver discovered Bitcoins he has been a mayor investor in many Bitcoin related projects. He has invested money in famous Bitcoin payment service Bitpay and other website like Coinlab, Blockchain and the BitcoinStore. We don’t know exactly how much Bitcoins Roger has but according to Business Week he is among the top 3. In December he decided to donate over $1 Million worth of BTC to the FEE.

3. Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss

Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss

Remember the Winklevoss twins? The guys behind ConnectU which they claim Mark Zuckerberg stole from them and created what eventually became Facebook. The Winklevoss brothers invested in Charlie Shrem’s startup BitInstant and in 2013 they claimed they owned more then 1% of All bitcoins in the world.

4. Mark Karpeles

Being one of the first to invest in a new currency has it risks but can also pay off as Mark Karpeles demonstrates. Being one of the first to trust in Bitcoins, he is now among the richest and has founded Mt. Gox the biggest bitcoin exchange platform in the world.

5. Peter Vessenes

Peter Vessenes

CEO of CoinLab Peter Vessenes is the 5th richest Bitcoin user. He founded CoinLab a business that helps other start ups provide fundamental infrastructure for bitcoin, among those start ups is Mark Karpeles Mt.Gox.