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Download 10 Awesome HD Wallpaper for Galaxy S6

One of the most awesome new features in the upcoming HD Wallpaper for Galaxy S6 is the amazing display. Samsung seems to surprise us year after year with their beautiful Full HD 2560×1440 587 ppi displays and the S6 is no exception.

Bellow are 10 wallpapers optimized for the 2560×1440 5.0inch Display featured on the Galaxy S6. You can preview the wallpaper and download it by clicking the “Download” link next to the name of the image. Don’t forget to check out our list of more then 100 Material Design wallpapers

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has captivated smartphone enthusiasts worldwide with its exceptional features, and one aspect that truly stands out is its magnificent display. With a stunning resolution of 2560×1440 and a pixel density of 587 ppi, Samsung has once again pushed the boundaries of visual excellence. In this article, we present a curated collection of 10 wallpapers specifically optimized for the Galaxy S6’s 5.0-inch display. Experience the full potential of your device as you adorn it with these captivating wallpapers. Additionally, we invite you to explore our extensive selection of over 100 Material Design wallpapers to further enhance your device’s visual appeal.



Download 10 Awesome HD Wallpaper for Galaxy S6

1. G3 Wallpaper (download)

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking landscape with this wallpaper. Witness vibrant colors and intricate details that come to life on the Galaxy S6’s stunning display.

G3 Wallpaper for Galaxy Note 4

2. Simple cloud (Download)


Indulge in the serenity of nature with this captivating wallpaper. Let the tranquil hues and crisp imagery transport you to a place of tranquility every time you unlock your Galaxy S6.Simple Cloud Nexus 6 wallpaper

3. Iron Man takeoff (Download)

Unleash your artistic side with this abstract wallpaper that combines vibrant shades and geometric patterns. Watch as the colors dance across your screen, showcasing the Galaxy S6’s remarkable visual capabilities.


Iron Man Wallpaper Nexus 6

4. Golden Sunset (download)

Feel the energy and excitement of a bustling cityscape with this urban-inspired wallpaper. Every detail, from the towering skyscrapers to the twinkling lights, is brought to life on the Galaxy S6’s remarkable display.



Golden sunset Galaxy Note 4 wallpaper

5. The MKBHD (Download)

Escape to a tropical paradise with this breathtaking beach scene. The crystal-clear waters and golden sands look more vibrant and inviting than ever on the Galaxy S6’s stunning screen.

Note 4 wallpaper 6. “Relax, Bro” Iron Man (Download)

Get inspired by the cosmos with this mesmerizing space-themed wallpaper. Marvel at the celestial beauty of stars, nebulas, and galaxies as they adorn your Galaxy S6’s display, taking you on an astral journey.

Relax Bro iron man nexus 6
7. Nature (Download)

Experience the charm of minimalism with this sleek and elegant wallpaper. The clean lines and subtle colors will accentuate the Galaxy S6’s sophisticated design, making a statement with every glance.


LG G3 wallpaper

8. Balloon (Download)

Feel the rhythm with this vibrant music-inspired wallpaper. Let the bold colors and artistic elements reflect your passion for music as you enjoy an immersive visual experience on your Galaxy S6.

Balloon lg g3 wallpaper

9. Mechanic (Download)

Embark on an adventure with this adventurous landscape wallpaper. The vast mountains and open skies will transport you to new heights, displaying the wonders of nature on your Galaxy S6’s extraordinary screen.


10. Black and White cheetah (Download)

Find your inner peace with this Zen-inspired wallpaper. The serene imagery and harmonious colors will create a sense of tranquility every time you interact with your Galaxy S6, providing a calming escape from the hectic world.


LG G3 cheetah wallpaperElevate your Galaxy S6 experience with these meticulously curated wallpapers designed to showcase the device’s remarkable display capabilities. From captivating landscapes to abstract art and everything in between, these wallpapers are optimized to make every pixel shine. And if you’re craving even more visual delights, be sure to explore our extensive collection of over 100 Material Design wallpapers, further enhancing your Galaxy S6’s aesthetic appeal. Unleash the full potential of your device and let the beauty of these wallpapers mesmerize you with each interaction.