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Google Play Service APK 6.5.99 download (1642632-434)

Google has just released a new version of its Google Play Service 6.5.99. The new update features several improvements to the app that should make the overall user experience much more pleasant, some of these changes made include the following:

  • New Maps API Lite mode rendering
  • New dialogue for Location Settings
  • improvements to ads SDK
  • App Indexing API improvements
  • Drive API improvements
  • new Query result change event API
  • Wallet now includes new Donate button and the ability to auto complete the Billing Address

Google Play Service APK 6.5.99 download

You can install the latest Google Play service APK Version 6.5.99 manually or wait for the OTA download, if you want to update now to the latest version you can download the Google Play Service 6.5.99 APK for Android 5.0 or above here and install it manually. Check it out on the Play Store here

File Name: with app ID: Keep in mind that you are required to run Android 5.0 Lollipop in order to install the GPS 6.5.99