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Google Play Music app arrives on iOS 7

After the rumors regarding the launch of the Play Music app on iOS last month, Google has finally decided to launch its Music app on iOS 7. Google Play Music is a music store and radio service which launched back in 2011.

Google Play Music is not only a music store but also a cloud service that will allow you to store all of your favorite songs and albums into the cloud making it accessable from any device, and now also your iPhone’s and iPads. You can currently upload over 20.000 songs for the low price of $9.99/month, this also includes making use of a Spotify like music streaming service giving you access to hundreds of thousands of songs and a radio service (the radio service free)

There is currently no iPad version of the App but Google confirms to 9to5mac that they are currently working on one that can be expected shortly. You can download the Google Play Music App now from the App Store