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Google gives away Gravity movie for free to Nexus 5 owners

Its seems like Christmas has arrived early at Google as users are reporting a free copy of the movie “Gravity” appearing in their Google Play Movies & TV app. First spotted by SlickDeals all owners of a Nexus 5 smartphone will get a free copy of the movie Gravity (in HD), its regular price is $9.99.

For users that don’t own a Nexus 5, a free copy of the movie  Shaun the Sheep should be available in the Google Play Movies & TV app. If your device is rooted, there is still a way to get your free copy of Gravity by tricking the Play Store to think you are using a Nexus 5, here is how to:

How to get a free Copy of Gravity without a Nexus 5

  1. Requires root.
  2. Download the app  “Build Prop Editor” here
  3. Edit your build.prop to show these values:
  5. ro.product.model=Nexus5
  6. ro.product.device=hammerhead
  7. This will trick the Play Store into thinking you are using a Nexus 5.
  8. Open the “Play Movies & TV app”
  9. Voila, there is your free copy of Gravity!

The promotion currently only seems to be available in the United States and UK. Users outside the US could try a VPN to change their location to the US however this hasn’t been confirmed working. Check out a trailer of the movie here: