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Five Best File Sharing Applications To Have In Your Phone

Sharing files from one phone to another can take a lot of time, primarily if you use the Bluetooth network or the internet network. So, here, we are presenting a list of the top file sharing applications that can help you transfer your files from one phone to another or from a phone to a laptop or PC at a super-fast speed. These file transfer applications can help you send across files through a locally created Wi-Fi network without the internet’s involvement. So, let us get started and look at some of the file-sharing applications you can have on your phone.  


One of the very first cloud-based file storage services to see a surge in popularity was Box. 

‘Box enables the organizations and the users to centralize the data and collaborate with others,’ comments Dave, an associate who offers assignment help Melbourne services. With Box, you get a free option for individual users. However, if you are an enterprise, you will more likely require a paid plan. 

This application is perfect for large companies, which require you to manage an extensive data system across the globe. It integrates seamlessly with enterprise security systems, and allows seamless workflow configuration, and caters to the compliance requirements. However, the main downside to Box is that its cheaper plans are minimal. Also, previewing the files from the computer and the other devices can be quite hard. You can set email alerts to get notified instantly anytime a document gets changed or uploaded. 


‘When you wish to share files from one mobile phone to another at a lightning-fast speed, sans any internet connection, you may be interested in an application like inShare,’ comments Robert, an educator who works with TAE, a platform where you can buy assignment online

With inShare, you can share photos, videos, music, e-book, apps, and PDF files at more than 40Mb/s speed with a single tap feature. It has a beautiful and clean interface, and this makes it incredibly user-friendly. What’s more? inShare supports 30 languages. The application also has a feature that lets you transfer the data from your old phone to a new device. That’s not all! inShare is free to use and helps you share multiple folders and files on the go. 


Superbeam works over Wi-Fi. Using the application, you can instantly beam files and even the entire folders. However, the problem is that the application is available solely for Android users. iOS users may feel left out here. However, suppose you are someone with several Android devices and require an application that lets you share the files between your own devices or with any other Android user. In that case, Superbeam can be a perfect application. You can employ Near Field Communications or the QR code to pair the devices and start sharing instantly. Superbeam can also work with Mac, Windows, Notebook, and Linux. 

You can go with a free account that lets you transfer an umpteen number of files between Android phones. However, the problem that many users may find with Superbeam is that it has ads. If you want to get rid of them, you will have to get their Pro account, which is very cost-effective at only 1.99 USD. You can seamlessly share the files, entire folders, and multiple devices in a go in the pro version. You can even pair the devices using NFC. However, you need to know that this app’s use is limited strictly to Android. However, Apple users can use the desktop version of the app on their Macs.  

Google Drive

Five Best File Sharing Applications To Have In Your Phone - 1

‘Google Drive is a prevalent cloud-storage service, which is designed to enable the teams to save photos, music, videos, files, and a lot more in a single location,’ points out George, an online organic chemistry tutors

This sharing application will automatically sync the data with every device that is linked to the account. So, you can easily retrieve and access the data as required. 

Some of Google Drive’s key features include file security, Offline work, File Storage space, Google Photos, Gmail attachments, File Sharing, File Search, Integrations, Chromebook Compatibility, and Document scanning. In the free version, you get 15 GB of cloud storage. There are three paid plans available. 

  1. 10 TB storage space at 4799 USD per month
  2. 1 TB storage space at 479 USD per month
  3. 100 GB storage space at 89 USD per month


With more than five hundred million downloads, SHAREit is easily one of the best Wi-Fi transfer applications. You can use the app to share all formats of files, such as videos, photos, applications, and so much more. In one of the two connected devices, files available for transfer will be shown, and the receiver can pick the files they want. After the devices are paired, no further approval is needed from the sender. SHAREit lets you share the files at a speed of approximately 20 Mbps. A remarkable feature of the app is the CLONEit feature. You can use this feature to copy the data from the sender’s device. The application also has a superb media player. You can use the app to share the files to your PC, too, by installing the PC side software. It is a free app but has ads. 

These are the five best file-sharing applications that you can use when you have to share files between two phones or from a phone to a computer seamlessly. Have more to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.