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Everything Beginners Need to Know Before They Purchase Their First Vape Pen

So, you’re thinking of entering the wonderful world of vaping? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Although this trend is clearly on the rise, there is much to be learned, even by those who are considered veterans.

Are you new to the vaping game and need some tips to get you started? The following is a closer look at some top tips for vaping beginners to consider before purchasing their first pen.

What Exactly is Vaping? 

Simply put, “vaping” refers to the safer and healthier alternative to inhaling substances such as tobacco and cannabis as it does not cause the fumes or contain the harsh chemicals (such as tar) present in other products. Although partaking in any of these substances include a risk, vaping appears to be the safest method of “smoking” a variety of substances.

If you’re thinking about taking up vaping, you should be sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons and are educated enough about it.

Vaping History

Moreover, although the vaping trend is fairly modern, the vape pen was actually invented in the 60’s. In 1963, a scientist, Herbert Gilbert, filed a patent for a “smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette”. Although it has clearly changed over the years, this marks the beginning of the vaping trend. However, the original prototype was sorely lacking. This all changed in 2003, when a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, patented a small e-cigarette that used ultrasound to create vapor from the liquid.

Since then, we have seen a huge vaping boom, and the rest is literally history…

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Types of E-Cigs

At this point, there are four different types of vape pens, or e-cigarettes available: box-style mods, pen-style mods, mechanical mods, and disposable ones. The disposable ones are the easiest to learn and use. However, for the long-term, you will want to choose a mod of some kind.

First Vape Check-List

When you are ready to begin vaping, be sure to reference this check list.

  • Powering On– You’d be surprised how many people believed their vape pen was broken simply because they hadn’t turned it on. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the on/off switch and make sure to only leave it on while in use.
  • How it works– All vape pens are different. Some and automatic and require nothing to use. Others are not, and require you to push a button to use it. No matter which model you choose, make sure you are very comfortable with the process.
  • E-Juice– vape pens use e-juice as a liquid base for the vaping process. Be sure your vape machine of choice has been properly filled with your e-liquid of choice. Although one mistaken hit without it might not cause too much damage to the vape pen, you will certainly not enjoy it, we assure you.
  • Watts and Voltage (If Applicable)- If you vape pen has settings, be sure to start off on the lowest setting. Given that you’re new to the game, doing too much too quickly could cause you some issues. Rather than suffering through that, be sure to check the settings before taking your first puff.

Vaping Communities

Lastly, be sure to get involved with the vaping community. Given that vaping is such a new phenomenon, vaping forums are going to be some of the best places to find first-hand knowledge and information. although smoke shops are also an excellent resource, you may find yourself jumping on a message board to ask questions are vape pens, e-liquids, and more, and that’s perfectly fine. Just be sure to use your own common since when making your final decisions.

Overall, vaping is too complex to be covered in one sitting. Hopefully you have learned enough here to begin your journey into the wide world of vaping safely and easily. As always, when in doubt, contact a professional who you feel you can trust.