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Enable Nightmode for iOS 8 without jailbreak

It is not unusual to be lying in bed, turning your iPhone on and getting blinded by the incredible bright screen, even when your brightness is on the minimum setting. Nightmode should prevent this but was until now only available on device’s with jailbreak.

Nightmode is a mode that allows you to lower your screen brightness even more, not only preventing from getting blinded by the brightness of your screen but it will also prevent you from wasting battery life. The method was discovered by dave Lee and it allows you to enable nightmode for ios 8 without jailbreak. You can check out the video bellow explaining the steps or follow our in-depth instructions bellow:


How to enable Nightmode for iOS 8 without jailbreak

  1. Head over to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom
  2. Enable “Zoom” and “Show Controller”
  3. Tap the little joystick
  4. Head over to the “Choose Filter” option
  5. Choose the Low Light option
  6. Reduce the Zoom to minimum
  7. Click on “Zoom Region” back in the Settings app
  8. Choose the “Full Screen Zoom” option.
  9. Turn off Show Controller and Zoom
  10. Head over to Settings > General > Accessibility
  11. At the bottom of the list, choose Accessibility Shortcut
  12. Choose the “Zoom” option
  13. Now you can enable or disable the feature by triple clicking your home button.