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EaseUS software: A Savior to recover your deleted files

How much your data values to you would never be realized until one day due to hard drive failure, a virus attack, or a careless mouse click or all of a sudden your data is all gone. Some users are also accustomed to empty the recycle bin without putting a second thought whether it’s useless or not. Remember, you always have a chance to get them back. EaseUS free data recovery software is a tool that can do it all to rescue from the nightmare, since it ensures hard drive recovery quickly, safely, and completely irrespective of file’s type. In addition, many users find its user-interface simple and easy-to-use.

How EaseUS Software does it?

Let’s have a look at how the product does its magic.

So, you have sent a document or image to recycle bin and later deleted the files from there too. At this stage, many would assume it’s impossible to retrieve the files. Luckily, EaseUS software – the best hard drive recovery software is here to help you.

As soon as you open up EaseUS software, it shows you hard drives and external drives. Now, pick one of the hard disks where you think deleted file was saved. And, click on scan button. Then, this software will put on display a wide array of deleted files so you can view which of them you want back. Either you can search the files by typing their name or choosing the file type, whichever suits you. Now, click on recover button.

But, before you want to save the recover file, make sure you choose the location other than hard drive.  After its successful restoration, software will notify you about completion of recovery.

See, it’s just a matter of few clicks and you are all trouble-free!

Things to ponder over before hard drive recovery

Here are few tips you should follow to restore data smoothly.

EaseUS software: A Savior to recover your deleted files - 1
  • Be sure to never install this tool in the same drive where you also wish to retrieve your files from. This is because software files will replace the deleted files space.
  • Never write, copy or paste anything to the drive. Instead, keep it intact. Else, it will doom the whole recovery process. For instance, when you copy the data, it will replace the removed files sector. As a result, you will only be able to index such files but won’t be able to resort them properly.
  • To enhance your knowledge, whenever you remove a file or folder, it doesn’t mean they are permanently deleted. Instead, only indexing was deleted. It means your data is still there, intact and thus can be recovered.


With today’s robust tool – EaseUS data recovery software, restoration of permanently deleted files has become approachable. Don’t go for just any hard drive recovery tool. Instead, search a sophisticated one for you. EaseUS data recovery tool is worth your try. Be certain to use the data recovery software as recommended above. Install it and get back your lost files now!