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Do You Need Your Own Website?

This is a question that was much more cut and dried 15 or 20 years ago than it is today. Back then, it was either a clear yes or a clear no, and it was so much easier to figure out.

Nowadays, there a lot of people who don’t bother with their own website anymore, or would have done so in past years and just don’t bother. This can be for various reasons. People often think they are represented well enough on the internet already, and a personal website is redundant. Or maybe they’re just lazy. Or perhaps it’s a combination of the two, who knows?

The good news for people who want to build their own sites these days is that you no longer have to go the full nine route of building something from scratch and re-inventing the wheel in the process. These days we can count on a whole bunch of website builders to get the job done at the level you need without so much fuss. Just don’t choose one that’s too basic for your needs; be realistic about how much you want the bots to do for you.

Do You Need Your Own Website? - 1Admittedly these days there are lots of other ways to get yourself visible online, on the web, and everywhere else you need to be visible. Social media has evolved into this crazy hydra with a couple dozen heads. You have Facebook which is more strictly personal, Twitter when you want to get info out to multiple people easily, Instagram for photo content, Snapchat for that which you don’t want to stay around for long (!) Tinder for dirty hookups, LinkedIn for strictly professional and business purposed etc.

So then why should you get your own website? The main reason, weirdly enough, may just be that you should do it because nobody even bothers anymore! Showing potential employers and/or clients that you are the type of person who goes the extra mile can be potentially very powerful in the business world, in this world in general.

Not to mention, your own website offers a potential degree of flexibility totally unavailable anywhere else on the internet. It’s yours, you can control it, do thousands of things, there are no terms of service. Freedom to express yourself is what it’s all about when you go to that little bit of extra trouble to rock your own site.

Ultimately, it’s up to you if and when to take the plunge. But consider it as a possibility, it may be that little bit of push you need to take yourself to the next level.