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CyanogenMod 11 M9 full list of changes

The Cyanogen Team has just started rolling out the latest M release, Cyanogenmod 11 M9. The latest M release brings a bunch of bug fixes and small tweaks, it also adds compatibility for several new devices including the HTC One M8, the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet.

Last month we covered the changes made in Cyanogenmod 11 M8 and here are the changes made in Cyanogenmod 11 M9:

  • Themes support for additional UI elements
  • Bug Fixes made to Heads up notification
  • you can now doubletap to sleep when using secure keyguard on the Lockscreen
  • Improve performance on Torch
  • Safe Headset Volume – prompt when interfering with 3rd party device (Jawbone, Square, etc)
  • Center clock support
  • Fixed bugs in Quick Setting
  • Fixed bug that will prevent accidental wake-up of device by checking to see if proximity sensor is blocked (eg. Device is in a bag or pocket).
  • Spam notification filtering
  • Additional improvements and highlighting made in Search
  • Data Usage Info – Add support for CDMA devices without sim cards
  • Add additional A2DP profiles for Bluetooth
  • Disable AVRCP 1.5 by default on Bluetooth
  • Email – Fix saving attachments to storage for POP3 accounts
  • New Translations added
  • Account for Play Services induced wake-locks
  • Fix encryption on some LG Devices
  • Add support for Korean and Chinese to smart-dialer

The M9 release is now available for download on Cyanogenmod Servers here. Remember that the M release of Cyanogenmod are not meant to be used as daily drivers.