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How to Create an Insanely Profitable Blog

Many people mess up really badly when trying to start a profitable blog. They start it from a wrong perspective, and in the end, their blogs don’t give them enough money to go by. Worse yet, they follow bad advice from other unsuccessful bloggers. The bad cycle continues, and eventually, they quit blogging.

If you want to create a frighteningly successful blog, then you need to think like a successful businessperson.

What product are you offering?

A thriving business has a fantastic product. On the other hand, the main reason startups fail is the lack of a significant product. They make or market something that nobody wants.

To succeed, even in blogging you need first to know what people want. At the end of the day, all that people want is value for their time and money. We all know this, but the hard work is to create something that will actually provide that value needed.

Blogging for profit requires you to either sell your own products or promote other people’s products. Sit down and do some serious market analysis to see what it is that people want today. In fact, smart marketers think of what products people will want in future and start creating it now.

Offer something great and unique. Always test and listen to the numbers. They’ll show you whether your product can pull in the numbers or whether you need to change it. Proper analysis can also help you create great products to add to your main offer.

Perfect your targeting

Despite the fact that there are so many blogs, there is always space to do something different that’s not been offered in the market. You can even aim to do better than what’s there. To be effective in your blogging, you need to properly target your audience so that you mostly get traffic that matters.

Let’s take an example. If blog A has 10,000 visitors per day, but only 0.0001% buy, then it is clearly working so hard for poor results. There are high chances that such a blog is headed for the rocks. However, if blog B has even 5,000 daily visitors and 10% buy, it will earn way more than blog A. Why? Because it targets the right customers, and has a great product.

As you do your search engine optimization, YouTube video marketing, social media marketing and other traffic campaigns, aim to get to the people who need your content most. It will be easy for them to read and even buy from you, since you’re giving them what they’re yearning for.

The more laser targeted your blog is, the higher your income potential.

Deliver pure gold

Most people think that blogging is just domain registration, web hosting, installing WordPress and writing heavenly copy. That’s not it. That will not earn you top dollar. You need a great monetization strategy, and to ensure you deliver exactly what you promise.

Do not promise your readers gold, only to deliver bronze or rubies. They’ll hate you. Try to go above and beyond their expectations. Do you wonder why top bloggers charge premium fees for their products and services? It’s because they know that they’re delivering something insanely unique. They put so much time and energy in it and strive to deliver pure gold.

Keep it fun and interesting

With the cut-throat competition on the internet, you need to make sure your content is always fun and interesting. This keeps your readers glued to your blog. You can still deliver value, but in a fun and interesting way. Below is what you can use to maximize your content:

  • Write in a conversational tone as if you’re talking to a friend. Write in first or second person. Include humor and personality in your content. Write short paragraphs and short sentences. Use questions and question tags etc. Make it really look like a conversation with a friend.
  • Include videos. Nowadays, most people love consuming information in form of videos. It also adds a personal touch to your blog as your audience gets to see and hear from you.
  • Do infographics. These make it easier for people to understand data since human beings are generally visual. Infographics can also be great for traffic since other people will want to include them in their blogs.
  • Add images. Images are not only there to enable your content to look good when shared on social media; they add emphasis to your main points. They also enable the eyes to rest when reading long-form content. Screenshots are great to explain step-by-step information.
  • Consider creating audios. People are busy and may not really get time to sit down and read blog posts. However, with audios, they can easily whip out their earphones and listen to your content as they relax or multitask with other things.
  • Run webinars. Once in a while, create excellent webinars. Webinars are great way to get leads and conversions.

Excellent bloggers are not just out for profits. They’re out to change the world. To do something that matters to many people who are struggling with something. This brings them not only profits, but also true success in helping meet people’s dire needs.