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How to use the Xbox One controller on a PC

Microsoft now enables users to use their Xbox One gaming controller to be used as a controller for games on PC. The controller will work on games that have support for Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers, and requires Windows 7 or later. Here is how to set it up:

Download the Drivers for your computer (32-bit version or 64-bit version the Bit version of the driver depends on the Bit version of your Windows operation system) once installed, proceed to play a game where the controller is supported and follow the instructions in the game menu to set up the controller.

Xbox one controller pc Wireless
Source: WPCentral

The drivers above will come by default in future Windows version according to Major Nelson, Director of Programming of Xbox Live. The new gaming controller provides several improvements over its predecessor as it features an improved D-pad, redesigned battery compartment, new comfortable design and offset analog sticks.