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Why You Should Choose a Hosted PBX Phone System

Since accessing services from the cloud is so easy, businesses now have access to new and powerful technologies without the associated cost. A Hosted PBX phone system is one of these, and the additional benefits it offers businesses over standard phone systems is amazing!


Upfront and Ongoing Savings – Traditional phone systems are very expensive to install because they require lots more hardware to be installed at your business’ location. Other than a router, a hosted PBX system does not require any other equipment to be installed, and as a result, all of the costs associated with this are eliminated.  Also, since you only pay for the lines you need, you will also save on ongoing monthly fees.

Scalable – With traditional PBX systems, businesses have to predict what their long term phone usage would be, to ensure that enough phone lines are installed to accommodate any potential growth in the business. So lines need to be installed at the beginning and maintained even when they are not used. Often companies pay for capacity they never use. With hosted PBX, the system grows with the business and all upgrades are handled at the host office causing no additional hardware upgrade or maintenance costs. The system simply grows as the business grows.

Wide Range of Features – Hosted PBX phone systems offer an assortment of features that allow small and medium size companies to act and react like large companies. A few of the most important ones are:

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· Call Forwarding

This feature works from the office or remotely, and lets you forward any extension to a cell phone, regular telephone or another employee. When you leave the office, you can forward your extension and receive your calls anywhere.

· Call Labels

If you have multiple departments and limited staff, this is a great tool for your company. You can see in advance which department or product the caller is trying to reach, so you answer with an appropriate greeting from that department.

· Call Mentoring

This is the ultimate training tool. You can listen to incoming or outgoing calls, and provide advice to your employees during the call without the other party being able to hear you.

· Call Monitoring

This is a great tool for training or quality assurance. You can listen in on any call made through the system.

· Robo-receptionist

This feature allows your company to direct callers to different departments or people within your company by inserting an automated menu that answers your company’s incoming calls.

· Vary Employee Availability

Your business might require that you have different times when you want people in your company to be available for calls. You can easily set the days and times for calls and create different messages for each of the times when that person will not be available.

· ID Blocking Your Calls


When privacy is required you can easily block your caller ID info from the person or company you are calling.

Mobile integration – Today, employees work from home, the office, and on the road –  sometimes all in the same day. Therefore, mobile technology is often at the center of a business’ operations. With a hosted PBX system, staff can work from any location and from any device – and receive their business calls without the caller knowing where they are working from.

Reliable – If your phone system is located on your premises, a failure in the system will interrupt and potentially damage your business’ operations for an extended period of time. Because a hosted PBX system is cloud based technology, there are multiple redundancies built into the network. Also, the network is monitored full-time by IT staff that are trained to spot and correct any issues before they become major problems, meaning you will never be without one of your most critical business tools.

Fast Setup & Easy to Relocate – Set-up of hosted PBX systems are fast, with the longest wait time often being the actual assignment of the telephone number. Moving the system to a new office is as easy as unplugging the handsets and reconnecting at the new premises.

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