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Are your children confused in doing their homework? You can provide them these homework applications!

Homework is one of the instruments used by teachers in teaching. Homework helps students to know, train, and understand what they are learning. Homework is given with the aim of achieving the learning through both ways, namely in school and at home.

Homework is given so that the child can practice and have a sense of responsibility for a task. PR will finalize the concept of the child to the lessons that have been acquired in school. Homework is also very helpful, especially when there is a school is clipped by a national holiday, study tours, as well as other regular events at the school. While on the one hand, the demand of the curriculum continues to run. That is why, from the perspective of the teacher, homework is needed to ensure that the predefined curriculum can be met.

Parental involvement should be kept to a minimum. Each homework given must be clear and can be translated concretely. Each homework has a different purpose. The purpose of giving homework usually consists of two things, namely to train students and prepare students to accept new lesson.

Now that we are a few days to school season, you and your children may need to prepare yourself to get used to the load of homework. Of course you will not find any application to help your kids bring their school supplies, but you can find a variety of applications that can help your children do most of their homework. There are various applications that can be helpful when your kids need help in struggle with mathematical formulas that have been long forgotten. Let’s check the following 8 homework online tools that can help your children in doing their homework.



MyHomework provides tracking facility for homework and class. You can even set up a task or create a list that includes several aspects, such as classes, the maturity date (when the assignment is due), and the priority level (denoted by some particular colors). You can also set up the reminder alert, which will be synchronized to your calendar. You are given a facility that can match your homework with calendar based on class, priority, or the type of homework. Another facility is a facility that allows any user to add class, based on the time and a certain period, so it is needed by the students of secondary school, college, and university. Each teacher can use the application to make the announcement to students, and distribute syllabi, reading lists and other materials that will be distributed to the users of the application.



SparkNotes app is one of the best solutions to get a free study guide that is directly synchronized with your mobile device. Your children can obtain a variety of popular study guides, including literature, poetry, philosophy, Shakespeare and essay. If you need a homework application that has a variety of unique characters, then SparkNotes is for you! This application provides a facility that allows you to download various study guides that can be accessed again when you’re offline. SparkNotes also provides facilities to perform check-in and sharing your location with friends who use the same application. This application allows you to form a study group.


No more need to flip through mathematics textbooks to find the best formula. The iFormulas is an application devoted to math class focusing on formula help. This application allows you to categorize hundreds of mathematical formulas and customize them with the type of your homework. You can also make a list of the formula by adding your favorite formula for a particular search.

I think this is the best help for your children. This is a paid service, but provides professional to help for any kind of homework. No matter how difficult your children’s homework, professionals will do it quickly and precisely. Homeworkhelp provides services for various types of homework, such as architecture, computer, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, and so forth. This service will help every customer in their homework without violating the deadlines specified. This service is a service that is widely recommended.

PocketCAS Lite


The PocketCAS is a free graphing calculator application form that is intended for all Apple users. Are you familiar with Texas Instruments product? If yes, then you will have no trouble with the various features of PocketCAS. This app provides you multiple capabilities that include 2-D plot, 3-D plot, calculus, and algebra. No need to mess around with complicated interface for this application has an intuitive interface that is very easy to understand. This application is rich in a variety of new features and graphics that are updated regularly.

My gradebook
This is an application that is easy to be synchronized. This application is designed to track tasks, thus shortening the time required to guess the class. This application allows you to check all of your jobs that have been recorded in the calendar or list format that has been predetermined. This application facilitates the calculation of gradation style tailored to your teacher habits. This application is able to automatically calculate your score based on the assessment standard imposed. By using this application, you can monitor the progress of your children study easily and quickly.


This application is designed to organize your tasks. This application will provide a calendar function that allows users to synchronize the classes, study sessions, and types of homework. This application also provides a reminder feature so that you will never forget going to do your homework. This app will remind you even reminiscent of what books should be read on certain days.

This application has the working characteristics that are similar to iHomework. This app is a smartphone-based application that makes it easy for users to keep track of all the housework. The application also provides an interesting feature called exchange schedule. By using this feature, you can sync your schedule quickly. Schedule synchronizing will be adjusted to the learning sessions designed by individual or a group study.

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