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Why You Should Buy Your Own Router Instead of Renting it From Comcast

Many of us start out with leasing or renting our modem and router from a service provider like Comcast, and with Comcast being one of the biggest players in the home internet service provider industry, it means that it also holds a monopoly of sorts.

Why You Should Buy Your Own Router Instead of Renting it From Comcast - 1

We all are quite happy to pay the monthly bills that are generated every month, but fail to notice the hidden costs. In fact, you may be paying as little as $5 every month to lease a router from your cable company and those routers can cost a fair bit. But simple calculations reveal that if you buy your own router for Comcast instead of leasing it from Comcast, you will end up saving over a hundred dollars every year. That’s a lot in savings which will free up funds to invest in other activities or products.

When you lease from Comcast, you may be getting a router that may be showing its age. As technology doesn’t rapidly change in this industry, many routers last for many years. However, a new router will really make a huge difference.

How do I benefits from buying my own modem router combo for Comcast?

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When you buy your own router, you will be getting a newer and better model which will allow you to stream multiple videos simultaneously which may be a problem with older routers. In this Internet age, where all of us expect to be able to view videos immediately, getting the opportunity to be able to stream many videos at the same time will save you a lot of time as well.

Also, a new router will help speed up file and data transfers between various home devices. So you can say goodbye to waiting for ages to get your data transferred over from your laptop, notebooks, smart phones, iPads and more. Connectivity is key to being on top of your game and a great connection provides hassle free data transfers.

A newer router, as compared to an older model which you get when you lease from Comcast, will offer a consistent speed throughout your house. Make sure it is centrally located and soon lagging videos and long uploads and downloads will be a thing of the past.

Of course, it seems like common sense, why would you want to continuously pay a fee each month for an old model that does not work as efficiently as a newer one? You don’t get to choose the router you want; you just get saddled with it. When you decide to buy your own router, you get to choose the model you want, which not only meets your needs and specifications, but also your budget.

A whopping 74% of Comcast subscribers lease their routers from the company and should you choose to buy your own, you would fall within the quarter of people who don’t pay that monthly fee. Be tech savvy; go for your own router that has gigabit network ports so that you will face no problems in the future should you choose to upgrade your internet connection later.