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3 Best To-Do-List app Android 2015

As the holidays come to an end it is important that we get back on schedule. If you want to get off a good start in 2015 it might be handy to use a To-Do-List app for Android. There are thousands available but we took the time to check them out and make a list of the 3 Best To-Do-List app Android 2015.

AmongTech: 3 Best To-Do-List app Android 2015

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist app android 2015

Wunderlist stands out for its incredible design, ease of use and many features. it is also not limited to the Android app as it can be installed and synced with an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Kindle or just from the web.

Wunderlist understands that it is crucial we can create new to-do tasks in a matter of seconds, that is why nothing in the app that is important is more then 2 taps away. If you are looking for a good to-do-list app 2015, Wunderlist is your best choice. (Check it out on the Play Store)


Anydo android 2015 is our second best to-do-list app of 2015. It is a minimalist and fast To Do list manager that can be installed on both iOs and Android. One of the main advantages is that it syncs perfectly well with other calendar and task related apps.

The app is designed to keep you focused on the specific goals of that day and not so much for looking ahead, this is something the simple and minimalist design accomplished perfectly. You can check out in the Play Store or learn more about it here

3. Google Keep

Google Keep To do list android 2015

Many might not know that one of the best To do list app’s for Android is one from Google. Google Keep is designed to quickly let you write something down and go on with your day, the app features a rather colorful and sometimes disorganized design but gets the job done.

Another huge benefit is the fact that it syncs with other Google services like Google Drive, Calendar etc. and can be used from the web too, however no version for iOS is currently available. Check out Google Keep on the Play Store or learn more about it here