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Best Places to Get Tech for Your Business

No matter what kind of business you run, you’re going to need some supplies. And in today’s increasingly tech-driven world, you’ll likely need a sizeable amount of tech equipment. Getting the right tech equipment for your business isn’t always easy, since you don’t know what to get or how to stay within your budget. Below are some of the best budget-friendly places to shop for all sorts of business tech, so that you can get whatever you need to serve your customers.


A great place to start your shopping is BestBuy. BestBuy is often known for its home tech equipment, like televisions and gaming systems, but you can get plenty of stuff for your business there as well. At BestBuy, you can find things like computers, printers, routers and more. To get these things, you can either head to your local BestBuy store or shop online and have it shipped to your business’s location. Some BestBuy stores can even help you with installation if you don’t know what you’re doing. When shopping at BestBuy, be sure to look at their used inventory to save even more money.


If you prefer to do your shopping online, then Amazon is a great place to get tech for your business. Not only can you find thousands of newest and latest products, but you can also find older models, certified refurbished items, and used items from third-party sellers. It is the world’s largest online marketplace, meaning you should have no trouble finding what you are looking for there. Just be sure to factor any shipping costs into your purchase when you are browsing through your options.


Another large online marketplace is eBay. What was once a site where people just sold the things lying around their homes that they didn’t need anymore, it has grown into a large eCommerce site where you can find practically anything. Through eBay, you can often find new tech products to purchase outright, or you can find used ones that you can bid on. The bidding process can make buying tech products for your business a little more time-consuming, as you have to monitor the bidding process and ensure you don’t end up spending more than it’s worth. Still, if you can time it right, you can often get some great deals.

Machinery Network

So far, we’ve listed websites and stores that are great for finding things like computer equipment. However, you may be running a business that requires some more specialized equipment or machinery. In this case, you should take a look at Machinery Network. Through this website, you can find used machinery equipment that you can purchase for a discount. Some types of machinery you can get include plastics machinery, CNC equipment, waterjets, and grinders.

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Newegg is a site that specializes in things like computer and electronics parts. If you need to get things like monitors, motherboards, RAM cards, or other computer peripherals, then Newegg is a good place to start your search. Newegg is always offering new deals on their products, so check back often to see if what you’re looking for goes on sale. Also, if you are looking to set up your business from home, Newegg is now offering work from home kits to help you get started.


Govdeals is a place where the US government can sell things to the public. This typically happens either when they seize property or have to get rid of things. Either way, you can find all sorts of things up for auction on this site, from cars to fine art to business equipment. Because Govdeals is not as well known as some of the larger retailers like Amazon and eBay, you may be able to find things at a significant discount. However, your options may also be limited, so you may have to settle for something that isn’t exactly what you’re looking for.


Finally, there is Craigslist. Through Craigslist you can see what is for sale in your local area. It’s essentially an online version of your local newspaper’s classifieds section. People will post what they have for sale, how much they are looking to sell it for, and where you can pick it up. If you get lucky you may find another business that is closing down and looking to get rid of some things. Make it a habit to quickly check Craigslist once a day, and you may find some great deals on used business tech.

Explore All Your Options

When it comes to buying tech for your business, there are a lot of options. The best thing you can do is explore them all and be a little flexible about what you want to buy. If you can do this, you should have no trouble getting the tech you need at a reasonable price.